12 Tips to Decorate Your Apartment Spending Very Little

Furnishing a flat can cost a lot, but not everyone can afford the advice of an architect or an interior designer for home decor. And so in this Book...
Decorate Your Apartment

Furnishing a flat can cost a lot, but not everyone can afford the advice of an architect or an interior designer for home decor. And so in this Book of Ideas, we have collected 8 low-cost tips that can help you furnish your apartment without spending a fortune, instead of using creativity and smart and effective ideas. Let’s see them together.

The paint to paint the walls can become the first and fundamental tool for domestic home decor. The base, the canvas can be made of neutral colors such as pure white or turtledove, to cover the walls and make the space bright and airy like in the kitchen.

1. Use neutral colors leaving parts of white plaster

The tonal variations, then, can also be introduced through the choice of furnishing accessories.

2. Separated spaces with curtains

To save on the costs of designing and constructing masonry or plasterboard separation walls and separating the spaces in a less expensive and effective way, the solution could be light curtains. This is a fluid and luminous way to connect and separate the spaces of the house.

3. Change the layout of the furniture

Believe it or not, an environment can appear dramatically different simply by moving furniture. You can start, for example, by finding a new focal point and starting from this change the arrangement of the furnishings, looking for a configuration that favors fluidity and connection, opening the space.

4. Save on decorations

To customize the home decor of your apartment you can use posters and photographs, without having to spend a fortune. For photos, you can for example print in large sizes some of your own, then choose simple frames to hang them or create them in person with a small craft. Even for the cushions, you can be the ones to create the pillowcases with recycled fabrics, making your sofas imaginative.

5. Every centimeter counts

Space almost never abounds in the apartments and therefore every centimeter counts and should be exploited to the full. You can create a mini-bar with the help of wooden shelves.

6. Do not forget the plants

Another inexpensive and highly effective way to decorate a space with little is represented by the combination of plants suitable for the home decor. Particularly if you have a light corner, the wide-leaf plants can represent the perfect decoration for living rooms.

7. The wallpaper

Particularly in the condominium apartments, the living room represents the central and main space. If you want to save money, focus on a few pieces and integrate them into the wall space design with wallpaper, an easy way to create a total cut and introduce variety and color into the space.

8. Old recycled household items

You cannot know what’s in that old box from grandma’s house if you do not open it! Do it then: in general, old family objects can become fun and eclectic ornaments, and then they are objects that you have inherited and cost nothing. Vintage and nostalgic touches can help you decorate a corner of your apartment, like in Cedar park apartments in a fun way.

9. Take ideas from here and there

Before starting to plan the decoration of your house it is important that you are clear about what you like and what you do not like and what style you want to give to your home: classic, modern, rustic, minimalist. For this, it is a very good idea that you soak up the magazines and website decoration, that you look at different decoration stores, that you take ideas from the houses of your acquaintances and friends, etc.

10. Start at the beginning

Once you have taken the previous step and before setting out to decorate or redecorate your home, it is very important that you think carefully about what result you want to obtain and what space and budget you have, adjusting to them as much as possible.

11. Distinguish between the main and the secondary

It is important that in the first phase you focus on the main (painting, furniture, flooring, windows) and then go down the level to devote ourselves ultimately to the accessories (ornaments, lamps, curtains, household linen).

12. What furniture to choose

Respect the distribution of the home by giving priority to furniture that remains in more visible or important rooms of the home. But do not make the mistake of basing yourself solely on aesthetic criteria and choose functional furniture whose dimensions are suitable for the space in which you are going to locate them. Sometimes, if the stay is reduced, you will have to do without the least necessary.

Our house says a lot about us, about our tastes, hobbies, interests. Conscious planning of the design and decoration, if possible with the help of a professional, will allow you to work in an orderly and methodical manner. But as important as this is to add to this work your own doses of creativity: give your personal touch to the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living room, the rooms, the office, the hall, the hall so the beauty of your home will really be only.

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