12 Tips to Improve Your Home (Without Redecorating)

We all have a House Ideal. Sometimes it stays saved on a Pinterest board, other times it stays saved forever… “One day I’m going to have my house super...

We all have a House Ideal. Sometimes it stays saved on a Pinterest board, other times it stays saved forever… “One day I’m going to have my house super tidy; this year I’m going to decorate my living room; I should install those shelves I bought; … “The problem is that life happens to us and sometimes gets in the way of these plans, and these dreams stay like this: like an endless list of things to do that we can’t complete because we don’t have time.

But there is a way to do it. Science says the best way to be productive in the morning is by completing a simple task to get started (like making your bed), and we too believe that the best way to improve your home is to start small and with a plan. Turning your ideal home into a reality step by step and putting a date on it is the best way to achieve it.

To help you meet these goals this year, we’ve put together this monthly to-do list that will dramatically improve how your home looks and feels – without pulling out a single tool. Are you ready to take your home to the next level? Accomplish it with your 12-step plan:


You probably have a busy start to the year, and it may seem easy to put off a new project, especially if it’s overwhelming, but it’s important to start somewhere. A great way to start small is to focus on a tight space, like your closet. Take it all out, and get rid of all the excess and the things you never use. See it as going shopping at home, surely you will discover things that you did not even remember you had. Once you’ve chosen your new wardrobe, you can start putting everything in its place: sort everything by color and use different organizers inside the shelves and drawers to keep everything under control for longer. The more at hand you have everything, the easier it will be to keep everything in order.


Once you’ve successfully completed your first homework assignment of the year, they’ll make you want to get on with the rest of your home. Or even if you don’t have them, don’t lose your rhythm in February and continue with other spaces in your house. Start with the kitchen and continue with other shelves, furniture, drawers, and even that box that you did not remember but that is full of things that you did not remember either. We all have one.


This month we say goodbye to winter and we welcome spring, the ideal month to focus on improving your sleep. Surprisingly, better sleep has a lot to do with the decor in your room, and a few simple changes will make a difference. Think about why you may have trouble sleeping. Is your mattress comfortable? Do you sleep in an uncomfortable position? How about the lighting and noise in your bedroom? Do you always wake up cold at night? By making a few slight changes, you can fix your insomnia and be on your way to a better night’s sleep. Find out what may be keeping you awake with our guide on how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep.


Surely you have a dining table, but are you really using it? If you have breakfast at the kitchen bar and dinner watching TV, it’s time to be a little more adult and takes time to eat at the table. Think about why not use this space: is it not very comfortable? Do you need light? Are you sorry to invite your friends? Setting the table, getting into the mood, and sitting down for dinner at your Instagram-worthy table is all you need to enhance this time of day.


You don’t need to remodel to make your bathroom feel luxurious and comfortable – even if you live in a small apartment with these easy tips to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom. First, attack the root problem. Organization and storage are your new mottos: Do you have a lot of products for the shower that you don’t know where to put? Consider additional storage. Have your towels and shower curtain seen better days? It is time to update them. Don’t have a place to hang them? Consider a towel rack or door rack to save space. Now that you know the basic needs for your bathroom, you can choose accessories that, in addition to being functional, have a lot of styles.


Technology is your ally to control everything from the light in your house to your fridge. If you are a fan you already have some of this installed at home, check if there is an app that can help you control it remotely. There are also apps to save you time doing your day-to-day things, such as ordering the grocery store, making repairs, and cleaning your house. There is an app for everything. If you are not so technological, just start with a specific place to charge all your devices such as tablets and cell phones, and start incorporating technology to free yourself from cables. Speaking of which, give yourself time to recycle all your electronic waste, the planet will thank you and you will be liberated, at least, until the next iPhone comes out.


Imagine for a second that you are on vacation. Which is your destination? You had to spend the holidays at home. Or worse – you don’t have a vacation and only have weekends off? A less explored and very interesting option is to stay at home and be a tourist in your own city. Maybe you want to disconnect and finally take a breath. Maybe you want to get out of the routine and enjoy new experiences. All of this is possible this summer. Check here our guide to take that well-deserved vacation, without leaving home


Organize yourself for going back to school (who is not excited, even if you no longer go to school) or at least to return from vacation, from the entrance of your house. It will be easier to get to and from home if you can find everything in one place. To achieve this, make sure you have a functional coat rack to hang everything: for small spaces we recommend a wall one, and for those with more space, a floor one. Try changing your shoes when you get home, and have a pair on hand that you only wear at home, it will also help you keep the house cleaner. Place a table or shelf where you have a space for your keys, mail, and anything else you always forget when you leave the house. Once it’s 100% functional, you can give it a few touches to make it look as good as it works. Use discount codes to get things at affordable prices.


There are those who are preparing from this month for the Christmas season, visionaries who know that they will spend a lot of time in their living room – resting with a good book on cold days or in seasonal meetings. Before we jump into the year-end season, take some time to improve this area. Be honest: if you only have the basics – a sofa, your TV, and a coffee table – it’s time to take your space to the next level and bring some accessories to make it richer to spend time in your living room. Add a mat, a side table to put your books or your coffee, or finally hang that picture you have saved. Also, think about creating the ideal environment by means of light, and if you like to organize meetings at home, make sure that everyone has a place to sit and support their drinks.


The time change arrives, and with it, the light changes: that your main source of lighting is not a sad spotlight in the middle of the room. Think about where you need more or less light? Would you like to regulate it by means of a dimmer? In your corner to read, in your desk? How about in the hall? Consider adding points of light in all rooms with table lamps and place them at eye level (either sitting or standing, depending on the room) for more flattering lighting, and scatter these points of light throughout the room – ideally forming a triangle.


Take some time before the holiday season to update your tools and try new recipes. From everyday basics like your crockery and cutlery to more complex accessories, you’ll feel like a chef with new accessories. Be ruthless with utensils that had better days like rusty knives, those baking pans you never used, and other things you hardly ever use. If you plan it well, you can replace whatever is necessary during the Good End.


We save the funniest (and easiest) task for last because surely you will already be in the Christmas and party mood. The end of the year is a very intense time, so we don’t want to give you one more thing to do. It’s time to create your home bar and test your palate in the art of mixology: forget about vats and pigeons and learn how to prepare a new drink at home. All you need for your mini bar is a tray, shelf, or cart, and find some recipes on Pinterest to get started. You will be an excellent host at all Christmas gatherings.

Save this guide and come back each month to create your ideal home, step by step. Find everything you need to fulfill your list each month with our furniture and accessories.

Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.

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