8 Tips To Decorate Your Holiday Home

Summer arrives and with it the transfer to our holiday home. Summer clothes, bikinis and sandals should occupy their new place, but also the furniture should be dusted, the...
Holiday decor ideas

Summer arrives and with it the transfer to our holiday home. Summer clothes, bikinis and sandals should occupy their new place, but also the furniture should be dusted, the beds dressed with their freshest sheets and the comforts of our home adapt to the new environment. For the holiday decor ideas this is important now.

When we consider holiday decor ideas we must have one thing clear: the decoration of a holiday home must adapt to the use we are going to make of it, but also take advantage of the environment and make life a little easier during our holidays. And that does not mean in any case to turn it into the storage room of the furniture and the decoration that has been out of date in our habitual home. A holiday home should have its own decoration, but which one? So that each place has its own style, here are 5 decorating tips for your holiday home that will make your life a little easier.

1. Get rid of unnecessary work

The comfort and functionality of a vacation home is essential. Surely you do not want to spend your free time cleaning the dust, picking up clutter and obsessing with the order. Therefore, it is not necessary to fill everything with furniture, the less the better. The decoration and furnishings of a holiday home should be simple to make things easier for those who live in it and rid them of worries and unnecessary work. Do not overload the environment. Find the furniture that will make your life easier on vacation and forget about artifices. In addition, each time the statement ‘Less is more’ is more fashionable in Holiday decor ideas.

2. Give light to your life on vacation

One of the main characteristics of summer and good weather is the increase in daylight hours and sunny days, so take advantage of this fact is an opportunity that would be a pity to waste. Bet on white as the predominant color in your holiday home for a better use of natural light and stay true to the windows. What would a holiday house without light?

3. Textiles that give color and joy

Of course, each person wants to give a personality to their home and the holidays inspire color and joy. Therefore, in order to transmit these sensations, we must resort to textiles. Colorful cushions, printed plaids, flower tablecloths. Any bright color, in contrast to white will give a feeling of vitality and good vibes; and that’s what we’re looking for on vacation, right? In addition, these textile accessories can change them every year depending on the colors of fashion and trends in decoration as they do not involve a large investment.

4.Take out your house outdoors

If there is a space in the holiday home that takes center stage that is the terrace or the balcony. Meals, dinners, snacks and family breakfasts al fresco is the Maison d’ĂȘtre of a holiday and your terrace should be in harmony. Use the space on the terrace to make it an extension of the rest of the house. Create continuity with colors and soil and decide on natural materials that make you blend with the environment. Summer and terrace are inseparable, although you can also adapt your terrace for the cold and thus make a getaway when you feel like it.

5. Take advantage of the views

When you buy a summer house you want it to have good views, either to the sea or to the mountain. Do not reserve the privilege of having a unique landscape in front of you only when you are by the window. Distribute your furniture so that the views are the protagonists of your holiday home and during the months you live there you are sure to be a little happier.

If you still not sure about Holiday decor ideas then here are some more tips to help out.

6. Lighting, the strong point of decorating your home

Lighting is one of the most important when decorating the different rooms of our house factors. The ideal to have natural light through windows, skylights and other supports to create a greater breadth and comfort in your house.

For areas where natural light does not reach, you must have artificial lighting through white light lamps following the aesthetics of your central decoration. A garland of lights will be the perfect complement to your terrace or to create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom by placing it on the headboard.

7. Warm colors, a must to feel at home

Closely linked to enlightenment are the colors. To achieve that light reflected in the walls and create a greater sense of spaciousness, we must bet on clear and fresh tones such as white, cream or light gray. This type of colors brings greater luminosity to the room and helps create a feeling of serenity and tranquility.

Dark colors should be discarded from our color palette, both on the walls and in the furniture, to avoid creating cold and unwelcoming spaces. A fresh tone, like the Mediterranean blue, can be a good complement to add to the white in small details like the frames of the windows or the doors; but without abusing it.

8. Furniture and distribution, essential to create a unique space

Choose furniture is undoubtedly one of the most important parts when decorating a home because in addition to the style must be taken into account other vital factors such as comfort, size and distribution thereof. Choosing furniture too large or bulky will make our house look smaller so we should bet on light materials, in neutral colors and of medium size. Suspended furniture such as pilfered piles or shelves will help us create this sense of spaciousness we are looking for.

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