Everything You Need to Know On Tap Repair

Are you facing the problem of leaking tap? A leaky tap can cause great inconvenience. So, it is advised to get it repaired as soon as possible. Appliances connected...
Tap Repair

Are you facing the problem of leaking tap? A leaky tap can cause great inconvenience. So, it is advised to get it repaired as soon as possible. Appliances connected to the water system are used in most of the buildings. As the fittings and fixtures are used quite often, they tend to become worn out. Taps may start to malfunction at any point in time. Old taps may get worn out while it can be that the user tightens the tap too much. If any such thing is done, the inner composition gets worn down. As a result, there will be leakage.

There are reliable plumbers who can fix leaking and worn out a tap. In Balmain, there are many plumbing companies for tap repair. You just need to locate a suitable company for repair work. A professional plumber from a leading company will have skills in doing the repair work. He will use the right procedure in order to ensure that the tap repairing and restoration takes place perfectly.

The Various Reasons Behind a Leaking or Worn Out Tap

If there is a leaking tap, you have to know the exact reason why it is leaking. Well, there can be several reasons behind it. The following are some of the reasons:

  • Worn out washer that needs replacement work
  • The spoilt valve seating
  • O-rings are worn out and contribute to the leakage
  • If the tap is not used properly

The professional plumber can replace the O-ring or any of the worn out parts to repair the leak. After repairing the leaking tap, the tap functions back as normal.

How to Do the Washer Replacement?

Tap Repair

Tap repair is the service, which is much sought after. There may be several kinds of washers like the rubber washer, cartridge washer, and ceramic disc washer. If there is any problem in the ceramic disc tap, the entire washer needs replacement. The plumber just replaces the valve. However, when the rubber washer tap needs repairing, the plumber simply replaces the washer.

How to Repair a Leaking Tap?

  • To start with the repair job, the plumber turns off the water supply
  • The water trapped in the pipe is made to run
  • If the plumber has to change ceramic disk washer, he removes the tap head and then unscrews the handle screw
  • Then he removes the tap handle and moves towards the valve
  • He then removes the valve cover to pull out a ceramic valve
  • At last, the plumber screws a new valve

Tips to Repair a Leaking Tap

Care and caution must be exercised when repairing a leaky tap. When dismantling the tap to repair the leak, it is important to be careful. A plumber should at first repair the stopper placed at the mouth to prevent small parts from moving into the drain. While tightening the parts, the plumber uses pressure after carrying out the repair. There must not be too much pressure applied to the tap. Excessive pressure can cause the wearing of the O-ring.

Your Budget Matters

When repairing the leaking tap or faucet, your budget matters. This also plays an important role in repairing or replacing the parts. If you are tight on budget, you may buy the parts from a genuine store rather than completely replacing the tap. However, if your budget allows, you may choose a model of a reliable brand and replace the tap.

Tap repair is the way to repair a leaking tap and restoring it. Homeowners can upgrade the units of the home rather than replacing them. Nevertheless, if the budget permits and you replace the fittings and fixtures, it can transform the look of your space. In short, tap repair can boost your home’s efficiency.

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