Garage Renovation Ideas: A Step-by-Step Guide

The garage not only keeps the vehicle safe, but it also keeps bicycles, motorbikes, electronic gadgets, and tools safe from the elements. The garage protects not only cars but...
Garage Renovation Ideas

The garage not only keeps the vehicle safe, but it also keeps bicycles, motorbikes, electronic gadgets, and tools safe from the elements.

The garage protects not only cars but also bicycles, motorcycles, devices, and tools from wind and weather. But at some point, the ravages of time gnaw even on high-quality and massive garages. If the garage no longer fulfills its function, it should be renovated. Weak spots on the garage door or roof are reason enough to start a renovation. If the floor in the garage is made of concrete, a serious problem can also arise here at some point. The aesthetic factor can also be a reason for a renovation. If the garage is no longer shiny and colored, this can be perceived as a nuisance by the garage owner, especially if the garage no longer fits the rest of the property and thus disturbs the overall impression.

Garage Renovation or New Garage

This question can only be answered individually. Whether building a new garage or renovating an old one is appropriate depends on several factors. The equipment requirements of the garage owner, the necessary renovation work, and, last but not least, the condition of the old garage play a major role here. It is worthwhile to directly compare the costs and effort of both variants (renovation or new construction). The financial aspect and the necessary effort should not be disregarded here.

A garage can be damaged by environmental wine flows such as hail and is adversely affected by various external influences over the years. Every garage is attacked by cold and heat, by oil and UV light, and in winter by road salt and other substances that can be released in the interior. The various influences cause damage to the walls and floor, as well as to the roof and garage door.

Necessary Steps

If the garage is to be refurbished, the first thing to do is to set priorities and explore which steps are necessary and indispensable for the project. The building envelope must be tight because rain penetration may cause damages that may be associated with enormous costs and annoyances. An expert’s inventory is necessary to determine the cost and time required for a general overhaul of the garage. A renovation is not an annual expense, and a job well done has its price, regardless of whether the garage owner carries out the renovation work himself or hires a company to do it.


Facade renovation:

It is especially appropriate when water penetrates through the chipped plaster and the defective facade into the masonry.

Garage floor renovation:

This is especially necessary if the floor does not offer enough grip, even with wet tires. Refurbishment is essential if the floor in the garage is cracked or no longer stable enough.

Roof renovation:

Maintenance work and repairs to the roof are essential when the garage roof is simply no longer airtight.

Painting the garage:

A new coat of paint makes the garage look completely different, at least in terms of appearance.

New garage door:

If the garage door lets water and dirt into the interior, it can be repaired or replaced with a new sectional door or up-and-over door, thus ensuring greater safety and comfort.

Facade Renovation

The walls of the garage must be protected from the ingress of water. This is not too much of a challenge, but it is just as essential as sealing the garage roof. The fabric of the building is then decomposed when the paint flakes off and rainwater seeps into the walls. In the frosty season, the accumulations of water can freeze and cause plaster or entire pieces of concrete to flake off.

If individual pieces are already missing in the masonry or plaster of a garage wall, these areas must be carefully repaired, and the entire wall surface must then be completely re-sealed. The renovation work can be carried out on your own, provided the wall is simply plastered. However, a specialist should always be organized as soon as there is visible water damage to the masonry. Only an expert has the competence to assess and check the extent to which the facade and walls are damaged. Either the mold has to be removed or the wall needs a barrier layer against the rising damp.

The Paint Is Crucial Here

The paint used is crucial for a successful facade renovation. The underlying components are simply more durable if the paint used reliably protects against penetrating moisture. At best, the paint should be permeable and water-repellent at the same time. With silicone facade paint, moisture in the wall can escape and it can easily be mixed in the desired color.

Refurbish the Garage Floor

The garage floor is important. Although it does not directly influence the structure of the garage, a smooth floor surface provides the garage owner with a solid base. A garage can also be used for DIY. The most important properties that a floor in the garage has to fulfill are:

  • It must be resistant to oil and gasoline.
  • It must be waterproof and frost-proof.
  • It should be slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

Not all floor coatings are suitable for this. The necessary properties are mainly met by garage floor coatings based on epoxy resin and tiles. A concrete garage floor can only be renovated if the concrete base is intact. A new installation is necessary if the foundation is submerged and sanded or if it has become crumbly. A professional can quickly determine the damage.

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