Home Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Performance anxiety before home renovations begins? Keep calm, eyes wide open and maximum attention: try not to run into (at least) in these Home Renovation Mistakes. Adrenaline combines with...
Home Renovation Mistakes

Performance anxiety before home renovations begins? Keep calm, eyes wide open and maximum attention: try not to run into (at least) in these Home Renovation Mistakes. Adrenaline combines with a bit of worry when you decide to renovate your home.

Some people live this operation with trepidation and assist with a smile on the lips of the transformation of domestic space, step by step; for others, however, it is a phase accompanied by anxieties and doubts and the only desire is to get to the conclusion of the work as soon as possible.

There are many useful tips that you receive before and during the renovation, for example by friends or relatives who have already “put to the test” with this “challenge”: their stories can make you reflect on specific aspects, as it can be useful keep away from some of the most common Home Renovation Mistakes.

Do not consult a professional

Do you believe that a great passion for interior design is sufficient to complete the renovation of the house adequately, in total safety and in compliance with current regulations? Relying on the advice of professionals guarantees you to sleep peacefully and, naturally, also to activate a fruitful comparison on styles, trends, and solutions. A project to be satisfied is also the result of a good harmony between the client, the designer, and the executing company.

Choose an unreliable company

Do you think you can get away with it even in the execution of the works? Without questioning individual skills, especially for more complex operations, actively involving a specialized company and experienced personnel allows you to proceed with greater fluency. This happens in most cases: carefully selected to whom to entrust painting, installation, execution of the plants and all other planned operations, scrupulously evaluating the estimates and documentation that each company is required to present and clearly setting the times.

Procrastinate indefinitely

Eternal undecided: this is a mistake in which you often end up! Before undertaking a restructuring it is difficult to unravel the materials, documents and various plan metric solutions submitted to your attention. Often you are so lucky that you can choose from multiple valid projects, even in line with your budget. However, at some point, providing everyone involved in the process with a clear and unambiguous indication is essential. So, strength and courage: set firm points!

Make money … on everything

Although from experience you may know that even perfect planning can end up in the “tentacles of the unforeseen”, budget compliance remains an essential point in domestic renovations. But there are some purchases and processes on which it is really difficult to get competitive prices. Especially when you have a small budget, asking for more quotes and comparing them is a good way to avoid “overdoing”. Saving money on everything may not be the right move, especially in the long run.

Give up an overall vision of the project

The renovation of the house is a complex operation, in which all – or most – of the aspects that identify the living space are renewed, modified, reinterpreted. Taking care of every single room, taking care to extend the gaze to the whole environment to encourage consistent visual and material connections, leads to a result to be really satisfied. On the contrary, the working room by room can be reductive.

As with designing the interior, we also know how to decorate outer space and what mistake we simply do not get the most out of the space available to us. Below you can find out which of the six mistakes most commonly can be seen on our balconies, patios, and yards, which can easily be avoided!

Bad lighting

One of the common mistakes in interior design is wrongly chosen and the planned lighting that points out the curved parts of our home, leaving those valuable in the dark. Lighting in gardens and on balconies is equally important, especially if you like to stay outdoors long into the night. Choosing backlit lights usually does not pay enough attention, and they are the best way to create a cozy atmosphere when the sunsets.

Savings on tiles

The quality of the tiles you use in your outdoor space is more important than most people think. The best tiles for terraces and balconies are made of concrete or natural stone, about 5 cm thick and rougher surfaces that prevent slipping. Avoid placing these tiles yourself because masters can better understand their laying and consider taking frequent problems that occur in exterior areas such as rain, breaks and so on.

Space crowding

Often, you can just add new items to your space without having to deal with old items and pieces of furniture that have already done their own. So the balcony or terrace turns into a small storage room instead of being a breathtaking space where we can enjoy undisturbed. Make sure that in your balcony you only have things that thrill you and throw or divide all the extravagant things.

Impulsive shopping in garden centers

It discounts your mom’s at every step, and in the garden centers, it means we will come back home with at least two unnecessary things that would probably not attract us to a huge discount on them. Try to invest in quality, not just in a decorative element and fragile objects that will not survive the first sudden wind rush.

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