How Do You Landscape a Small Patio?

When you were young, you dreamt of having a cool house with a pretty compound. Probably you pictured a lovely paradise with a garden at the back of your...
Landscape a Small Patio

When you were young, you dreamt of having a cool house with a pretty compound. Probably you pictured a lovely paradise with a garden at the back of your home. Now that you are an adult, you are determined to make your dream come true. You buy a beautiful house that is equipped with everything you imagined while you were little. Maybe you’ve tried Katy Stamped Concrete. However, the outdoor appearance doesn’t impress you. You are disappointed with how small the yard is, and you are almost giving up on your dream.

Maybe your situation is not exactly as this, but you are familiar with this disappointment. Landscaping a big yard is indeed easier and more fun than a small one. Even so, it is still possible to make your yard fancy regardless of its small size. So back to the question, how do you landscape a small patio? Continue reading.

Using a mirror trick

We are all used to having mirrors in our bathrooms or bedroom, and the thought of putting it elsewhere has never occurred to anyone. Hanging a mirror in a patio sounds unrealistic, but it’s a unique style. What you are trying to do is to make your small patio to be cozy and look bigger, right? You only need about three long mirrors, and you are good to go. You can choose to hang on your fence or on your trees. Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure they are well arranged.

Make a garden

Gardening is one of the best landscape designs. You can never go wrong with this. There are several gardening options that you can consider. The best one is to hang your garden on your wall because it takes less space. Alternatively, you can decide to set aside a small sector of your patio and plant your things. Plant a few plants to maintain the beauty of the yard. Overdoing, it might ruin your design.

Painting your grass

Temporary paint will give you the grass that looks that you want. The color will make it greener and prettier. With it, the place will look more attractive and bigger. No one will realize that your patio is small. However, you have to be extra careful with your selection of paint. Use real paint. Fake ones come off easily and can cause embarrassment if people found out your grass is fake. Make sure the paint is sprayed professionally to avoid any suspicions.

Utilize your mailbox

We are living in the 21st century, where the mailbox is rarely used. People are now communicating using social media platforms. For that reason, the mailbox is abandoned, and no one bothers about it. Rather than letting it stay there for nothing, repaint and use it to landscape your compound. Decorate it with your favorite flowers to bring out the best look. It will take no space at all.

Make water fountains

Having water fountains in the yard is a perfect option for you if you like water features. Water fountains do not occupy a lot of space, it needs a small area. What if you are not a fan of fountains? Then create a simple water feature. Dig a small hole and design it with rocks on its side. If you like, you can add some beauty by putting small fish in it.

Making a mini storage house

Probably you have been arguing with your husband about the place he keeps his gardening tools and how they scatter in the compound. To make an end to this, create a tiny storage house in your patio. It doesn’t require a lot. Use old doors and windows to make its walls. This will be used to house all the gardening tools hence no more quarrels. The only concern will be if he remembered to lock the door of the storage house.

Hanging herbs

Apart from treating illnesses, herbs can be used to decorate a compound. If your patio is too small to grow herbs, you can try hanging them in your wall. It wouldn’t take much space. What you have to do is to arrange them nicely in a bottle or container and then hang them on your garage wall in the backyard. It may look old fashioned to some people, but it will surely give your yard a pleasant outlook.

Setting a yard bar

Do you love drinking wine and champagne, but public bars freaks you out? Then make your own bar at your patio. You can create a simple shelf on your wall and put at least two or three of your favorite drinks. Add some flowers to the shelves to confuse other people. Making it so obvious that you have drinks in your yard may impose danger to you and your family. Remember that you have a drunkard neighbor who can do anything to get hold of a bottle.

This option might not be a good decision for parents with kids because they may be exposed to drinking at a very young age. If you really have to consider this decision, the shelf should be raised up and always ensure it is closed; otherwise, you might be unintentionally training your child to be alcoholic.

Designing a tree

You can design a tree to make your yard a comfy place for relaxing with your family. Look for a carpenter to shape tree benches for you. Making several benches will give you better results.


You can never go wrong with flowers. Fill your yard with different colors to make it livelier. However, this is a gardening project that calls for attention from you. You have to water them from time to time to prevent withering.


Landscaping à small patio is not difficult. Of course, it requires more effort and has limited ideas compared to a big yard, but it’s all the same. Go through the suggested plans and only choose what is convenient for you. Enjoy yourself as you landscape your patio!

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