How Does Mold Grow in Your House and How to Remove it Yourself?

There are many occasions that question pops into the mind about where the mold actually comes from? We’ve heard all the potential health hazards that come with it and...
Mold Grow

There are many occasions that question pops into the mind about where the mold actually comes from? We’ve heard all the potential health hazards that come with it and how harmful it is to our health, but to find out more about, we need to identify what causes it to appear in the first place. The answer is quite simple, and it is always dampness that causes the mold to appear and grow.

In the following writing, there are some easy steps through which anyone can have a shot at remediating the mold in their homes all by themselves. There are many potential causes that pave the way for the growth of mold in the house but the mold specialists hold water as the sole factor in the growth of mold. The other factors are more like the conditions that aid the growth of it like temperatures, absence of light, some type of food sours and acidity.

Water is not to be regarded as it is to be responsible; it takes many forms. The leading one out of which is poorly ventilated areas which cause the general humidity to grow in the environment. The most probable areas in your home where mold is most likely to grow are attics, basements, bathrooms, and cabinets due to the poor ventilation. It is therefore always a prime recommendation of a house mold inspector to put a dehumidifier to use always in these areas, however their numerous other solutions to this. Hiring a mold specialist is the best option but not always necessary. Read more to find out how to remediate mold on your own through these easy steps:

How to Remediate Mold by Yourself?

The best of all the possibilities is always to call out a mold specialist, but you can carry a DIY project as well with the right guidance and information. Here, the process of mold remediation has been cut down into four easy steps for you.

Get to The Source

Spotting areas and patches of mold in your house or a commercial building require you to act as quickly as you can, either yourself or hire a professional because mold spreads its spores through the air and can contaminate many other areas in no time. In the process of mold growth, usually, the things that are appearing on the surface, don’t actually represent the real fiasco going on underneath. Mold breeds ideally in humid conditions so when there is a patch of mold developing it indicates a supply of water from somewhere, either a crack in the wall and roof or a leak somewhere that leads to this place.

Mold detection is the first thing, after which find the source of the growth of mold is the most important part because you have to cut the source before you begin the remediation. If you do not cut the source before the remediation, the mold will just regrow again. Sometimes we face issues like basement flooding or water in the attic then and it is not thinkable that there will be fungal growth in the place. Dig deep to find out the mold because sometimes the walls seem perfect on the floor looks immaculate but the problem is lying under the surface.

Finding the source of the leak is not a simple task and something that you can’t ever master just by watching a few tutorial videos over the internet and reading some articles. In most of the situations, experts are hired for inspection. You need to hire a professional; he shall immediately spot the source of the dampness and cut it off before you even know it. Do not ignore the searching problem, because mold actually is progressing and eating up your beautiful walls quite rapidly.

Get Rid of The Visible Mold

After you have spotted the source of the leak that leads to the breeding ground of mold and has cut it off, you now need to carefully remove the mold. This can be a much tricky task than it would seem. If your intentions are to carry out the entire task all on your own, you need to be absolutely sure about what you are doing.

It is advised to collect as much information as you can regard the task and get all the proper equipment while you do it. As tricky as it is, it saves you huge sums of money by doing it yourself, and not only that, you will be ready a label with all the required equipment and knowledge if it decides to reappear.

Most of the homeowners are facing water damages and literally are seriously concerned about the possibility of mold growth. In most of the cases, homebuyers and rentals immediately refuse a house, in which the get clear signs of fungal growth around the exteriors or interiors. Also, some natural disasters like flooding or rain can lead to excessive moisture inside homes and encourage mold growth.

Now, if you are a busy person who is bound by schedule and work, cannot find the time to do it on your own? Well, there wouldn’t be much to worry about. You can contact a professional mold remediation company that will remove the mold and decontaminate the whole area while you are at work!

Dry Out the Area to Eliminate Remains and Contaminants

When you have spotted the source of the mold and cut off, then carefully, you have removed all the mold, the last thing you have to ensure is the complete drying and cleaning of the place. This is also probably the most crucial step in remediation because if you do not completely dry the place out and clean it, the mold will regrow and even in a bigger size than before.

Opening the windows for ventilation might sound like a good shot at drying and mold testing, but it really isn’t. You really need to call out an expert for the drying part. A professional is always equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment for fast cleaning and drying of the area.

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