How Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) Works and Its Benefits

Ventilation is something that is going to be extremely important to the success of the company too. If employees are kept healthy, they are going to be able to...
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Ventilation is something that is going to be extremely important to the success of the company too. If employees are kept healthy, they are going to be able to do more for the company. The productivity will be much higher.

The roof vent is one of the most common ones that are being used because they are easy to install and can be sealed easily. There are some companies that will choose a venting system that goes through their wall though.

Excessive condensation in your home could pose a health risk to all those residing there. In a scientific study titled “Home Mechanical Ventilation In Australia and New ” and published in the European Respiratory Journal, there was found to be a direct positive correlation between the spreading of respiratory disease and the usage or non-usage of home mechanical ventilation.

The buildup of extreme condensation can be checked if your home has got no cold surfaces for it to accumulate. This can be potentially achieved in 2 ways.

• Installing extra heating inside the house

• Having surfaces that are very well insulated

However, these two measures will only go to assist in prevention. Because moisture is being continuously produced by the activities being carried out by the home occupants (breathing, cooking, and washing) condensation becomes unavoidable at some point. The solution would be to decrease or get rid of the increasing moisture and replacing it with some fresh air coming from outside.

Different strategies could be adopted to tackle this problem, but the most suitable would be to install a good ventilation system in your home. With a good and efficient home ventilation system as provided by Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), all water vapor in your house will get removed as it is getting produced. As a result, your home will not experience moisture condensation which has the potential of causing dampness, rot, or mould growth.

In smaller homes, an HRV system may consist of one unit on a single wall that effectively ventilates your entire home through the windows and doors. In homes or even offices that are bigger, you could install ventilation grids in every room. The grids would in turn feed into ducts running between the ceilings or floors of your house to a single ventilator located on the outside wall.

In Australia, Heat Recovery Ventilation must be installed according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). In addition, you need to make sure that your unit complies with Australian Standard (AS) 3666.1.
Additional Benefits of a Good HRV Include

Energy Efficient Ventilation

An HRV system saves you money and cuts down on your energy requirements for heating. This is achieved by re-using that heat which is normally lost through the standard air extract systems. Most HRV systems have been so designed to run continuously at a low speed to reduce the consumption of electrical energy.

Fresh Clean Air Continuously

Filtered fresh and clean air gets circulated within your home or office out of the ac duct throughout the day and night. It is generally recognized that the majority of people spend in excess of 80 percent of their time while indoors. Additionally, medical experts estimate that about 50 percent of all respiratory illnesses are either triggered or made worse by the poor quality of indoor air. The HRV system will constantly be removing the stale moist air and in the process be creating a healthier place for living.

Increased Comfort

You will no doubt experience comfort levels that are superior if your house is fitted with a good quality HRV system. No matter the current weather conditions, your home will be provided with draught-free balanced ventilation all the time.

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