How to buy Chair Mats for Plush Carpet? A complete guide:

When choosing chair mats for plush carpet, it is very easy to get lost among the overwhelming variety of types of carpets that exist. So here we present you...
Chair Mats for Plush Carpet

When choosing chair mats for plush carpet, it is very easy to get lost among the overwhelming variety of types of carpets that exist. So here we present you with a complete guide that will be helpful to choose the best mats.

What is the best chair mat for plush carpet?

If you are not sure, what is the best chair mat for plush carpet, here we let you know quickly. Deeper and thicker studs always provide a much stronger grip in deep to medium carpeting. Also, it is important to consider other additional features to choose the best mat for plush carpet.

Are chair mats bad for carpet?

Chair mats are not at all bad for carpet. But, if you will buy the heavier or low quality of mats, it will break your carpet eventually. So, it is always advisable to buy from a genuine and reliable store. And also, it is important to maintain it properly.

How to choose chair mats for plush carpet?


It is very important to select a chair mat for a plush carpet which is thick enough for your flooring. If it is too thin, it will crack within weeks. While on the other hand, a thick chair mat offers additional support, protection, and comfort.


Also, take into consideration your “Roll area”. Do you move from your office desk or sit still? It is vital to choose the right size.

Do not buy a large chat mat, otherwise, you need to put it under your desk furniture. If you will put furniture on your chat mat, it can cause cracks and voids your warranty. So, always choose the right size according to your chair.


Usually, chair mats come in 3 basic shapes – Light bulb, rectangular, and lip. The rectangular chair mat is the most versatile and easily fits the most office desk. The light bulb shape mat is best suited for corner and I-shaped desks.

Buying guides of chair mats for plush carpet:

If you want to buy chair mats for plush carpet, there are some questions that we can ask ourselves and that helps us when choosing the best mat.

Who lives at home? Adults only? children? Pets? old people?

If they are only adults, really any type of mat is valid and our choice will depend on tastes and preferences more than anything else.

If those who live at home are children or the elderly, we should think of mats that do not move from the floor. That does not slip, that are thin so that they do not trip over them and that is resistant to rubbing or knees and toys or crawling slippers and canes.

If there are pets, the ease of cleaning is the main thing. Bamboo, polypropylene in fine fibers, and especially vinyl is the most suitable material without a doubt.

Is there any kind of allergy-related problems?

If there are allergy problems, you should choose vinyl or polypropylene hairless mats, which do not accumulate dust and are easy to clean.

The more hair a carpet has if it is not highly dense or thick, the greater the accumulation of dust. Bamboo is another highly recommended material to eliminate this problem.

Are there mobility problems or difficulty walking?

Mobility difficulties can be when someone is very old at home who has trouble walking or when someone has a motor problem and needs help with a wheelchair.

Until now, this was a problem that was solved by removing the mats and leaving the floor bare. Now, thanks to the development of research on new materials, we have the possibility of using mats that are suitable for these situations.

Like vinyl mats that, in addition to having a very high resistance to rubbing, also have a great power of adhesion both to the ground on the back.And to the tread surface that with its braided fibers prevents any type of slip, even with wet feet.

How is the climate or the area in which I live?

In dry and sunny weather all day long, you feel like throwing yourself on the floor on cushions and a nice and cheerful carpet.In this case, any option is good, with a special preference for cheerful and colorful mats such as recycled plastic, jute or cotton.

But if you are in a cold and humid climate, you will probably discard the recycled plastic mats,for example.You would like more a thick and fluffy pile carpet with high resistance to humidity and that just by seeing it transmits heat and invites you to walk barefoot.

What type of heating do I have at home and what type of floor?

If you have a wall heater or central stove heating or even a fireplace – well, with this type of heating, any carpet is suitable.

But beware if you have underfloor heating because if the material with which it is covered the floor is clay or tile nothing happens but if it is wood there are some types of mats not indicated.

Like vinyl mats, since these mats are not porous and act as a barrier that prevents the wood from perspiring from the floor. The moisture caused by the heat from the heating cannot evaporate, it will accumulate under the carpet and could eventually damage the wood.

This applies to any type of waterproof and non-porous carpet.

What use am I going to give the carpet?

Dining room with chairs that brush the carpet, office with a wheelchair, children’s room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway with a lot of passage?

If we had to choose a single suitable material for all this, that material would be vinyl because it is undoubtedly the best for all these situations.

High friction resistance to support dining room chairs or office chair wheels. As the wheels of the chairs do not have hair, they do not catch, tangle, or a brake. Children will be able to do all the car races or dinosaur fights they want on the vinyl fibers.

If we put them in the kitchen, we drop flour or the entire pot. Because we clean it with a cloth, a scouring pad or a mop and that’s it.

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