How to Know if You’re Ready for Lawn Care

Do you have a green thumb? Are you the envy of all your neighbors when it comes to keeping a lawn looking lush and healthy? Or, are you one...
Ready for Lawn Care

Do you have a green thumb? Are you the envy of all your neighbors when it comes to keeping a lawn looking lush and healthy? Or, are you one of those people who just can’t seem to keep anything alive and end up with brown patches everywhere? If you’re in the latter group, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many people find lawn care to be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips on how to know if you’re ready for lawn care and provide some information on what services are available to help get your yard looking great.

#1 Far from being full, green, and lush

You know something’s amiss when your once-perfect lawn appears sick and uneven. Maybe it has not been supplied with the proper nutrients or the right amount of water. You can save your lawn by taking note of the following:

  • Different types of grasses have different watering, fertilizing, and mowing requirements. One of the first things you need to consider when thinking about lawn care is the type of grass you have. If you don’t know what kind of grass you have, take a sample to your local nursery or garden center and they should be able to help you identify it. Once you know what kind of grass you have, research what type of care it needs.
  • To fill in the patches, you have to reseed and/or overseed with the same type of grass and water it to have them ready for growth.

#2 Too much debris

Organic waste can accumulate and settle in between your grass and even the roots. This can cause patches to appear on your lawn and encourage weeds to grow and spread. You might want to consider dethatching when this happens. A power dethatcher or just the usual rake can be used to scrape off the thatch on your lawn.

#3 Weeds here and there

Competition for nutrients from your soil should not be the case for your grass plants. Weeds are known to be resilient and can come back even after you’ve removed them. The best way to deal with them is to prevent them from growing in the first place. Ensure that the roots are pulled out thoroughly. Weeding out can be done by:

  • Simply using your hands to pull them out
  • Using a garden hose or handheld weeders
  • Applying herbicides right straight at them, you can also make a homemade one with diluted vinegar

#4 Heavy foot traffic

It’s indeed fun to walk or even run around your lawn every chance you’d get. However, this results in your soil being compacted, making it difficult for oxygen, nutrients, and water to seep right through it. Has your soil aerated when needed by making holes using your lawn aerator?

#5 Height matters

When taller grasses come into view, you might want to bring out your lawn mower and start the trimming session. Take note that it is also not healthy for a lawn to be cut too short— just the right length of 2 1/2 to 3 inches. The proper length lets you enjoy a maintained lawn while keeping those weeds controlled with a lesser chance of germinating.

To wrap up

Taking care of your lawn can be a rewarding experience. A well-maintained lawn can increase your home’s curb appeal and provide a place for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. So, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, roll up your sleeves and get started! But If you’re not sure you’re ready to take on lawn care yourself, Heroes Lawn Care can extend plenty of services that help. They can offer lawn care packages that include mowing, edging, and fertilizing; and even offer additional services like aeration and dethatching. If you have a larger yard, you may want to consider hiring a lawn care company to come out once a week or every other week to keep your lawn looking its best. Your lawn will surely thank you for it!

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