How to Select the Right Floor Tile Installation Contractor

The importance of hiring a credible tile contactor is equal to the tile design you have selected for your interior. Therefore, choose the tile setter with utmost care because...
How To Select The Right Floor Tile Installation Contractor

The importance of hiring a credible tile contactor is equal to the tile design you have selected for your interior. Therefore, choose the tile setter with utmost care because one simple mistake by the contractor can ruin your whole tile’s design patterns.

There are many types of tile material and pattern are available in the market that can modify your kitchen or the flooring of your house. Not every tiler can guarantee quality work. Thus, hire a contractor based on their skill level and experience. Also, consider their experience in installing the particular tile material that you want to install on your kitchen floor.

Services provided by the tilers

People conduct detailed research when they first time attempt to revamp and remodel their house. One to the basic question they start their inquiry from is the type of tile they should or shouldn’t use for the kitchen and bathroom. Further, this leads to wood flooring replacement recommendations. Besides this, they always ask about the service that is usually offered by the tiler. There are three services that you can request from a tile.

1. First Design layout and estimation

The significant thing that everyone knows is to hire an experienced tiler either for installing tiles in a kitchen or in the bathroom of a corporate building. With experience comes the ability to decide and design the layout that the client is meaning to get. Besides this, the seasoned tile installer also knows the tile requirements based on the dimension of a house. Thus, the budget never crosses the cost estimation given by the tiler.

2. Floor Tile inspection and recommendations

The type of services that tile installers are specialized in are floor tile inspection for crack, repairs, and in identify tiling problems. Based on their inspection report and client budget, they might recommend either replace the entire floor tiling or might suggest some remedies like crack filling, tile surface cleaning, or waterproofing the tiles to protect floor tiles from major problems.

Checklist for hiring best floor tile installer

Before hiring a tiler follow these steps to identify your need and customize your tiler research based on your requirements.

1. Identify the area that requires tile remodeling

Identify the area of the house where you want to install the new tile before hiring a professional for any kind of repair. Additionally, select the tile type, material, and sizes for your interior. This will help you to negotiate the price of the raw material such as tiles, trowel, tile setting glue as well as the services charges.

2. Search the internet in addition to asking for tilers’ recommendations.

The second thing which requires your utmost attention and care is the selection of the right, relevant handymen to install tiles. One who provides a service for direct tile installation, repair, and replacement without any involvement of a contractor. The second, who handover the project to a third person. Significantly the size of the tiler team matters a lot. If the tile has limited people to work on your project, then it will require more time to complete the project. Therefore, before hiring the tiler, make sure to discuss your estimated time and task completion deadline before signing any agreement.

3. Ask to view tiler’s portfolio

If you want quality finishing, then ask the tiler to display a portfolio of recent and relevant work. Like any other profession, having a portfolio help client to identify the potential of tiler. Additionally, you can also view the tiler’s portfolio by visiting their business websites. If the business website doesn’t showcase any portfolio, then you can request the tile setter to send you a short portfolio before scheduling a meeting.

4. Check business listing and compare options

Before reaching a professional tiler make sure you have verified all the information mentioned on their business website including their license number, business registration number, payment policies, service, or manufacturer warranty along with their liabilities policies. If any of this information is not available online, then consult the business owner. All professional and season tilers provide this information before agreeing to any tile installation project.

5. Watch out of the warning signs

The warning signs that indicate the possibility of a scam or showcase the tiler’s inexperience are

  • Not provide a printed estimate
  • Blunt or vague answers to the client’s questions
  • Reluctant to display the business permit or license
  • Missing portfolio
  • Not agree to recent client references

If the tile flooring Installation contractors provide all these credentials, then ask for the payment policy to discuss the completion time.


The tile installation in a house requires a different type of skillset and expertise than the industrial tile setter. Additionally, few tilers can complete a house remodeling job in a few months. Hence the professional work is better than any DIY tile setting.

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