How to Take Care of Your Home’s Appliances 5 Easy Tips

We cannot think of our life without the appliances we use in our house. They work like our assistants who do everything very quickly, easily, and neatly. No doubt,...
Take Care of Your Home's Appliances

We cannot think of our life without the appliances we use in our house. They work like our assistants who do everything very quickly, easily, and neatly. No doubt, they save both our money and time. But if we do not take proper care of them, they can break down or go out of function. That is why we must use and maintain home appliances properly if we want them to serve us for as long as possible.

Here are a few care and maintenance tips for some important home appliances that we use every day to ensure an extended life for them –

1. Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most expensive and used appliances in the house. Although all refrigerators can work efficiently for one to two decades, you can always extend their lifespan. For this, the most basic step you need to take is definitely to regularly clean the inside and outside of the device. Here one of the most important things is cleaning off your refrigerator’s condenser coils. These coils make it possible to remove the heat from inside of the fridge, which is what keeps everything cold inside the fridge. Never overload your refrigerator with food items.

2. Washing Machine

While using the washing machine, you shouldn’t use too much laundry detergent, especially on high-efficiency machines that don’t use a lot of water. To take good care of your washing machine, you should wash smaller loads and this is a very important tip. Do not wash your large carpets and rubber mats in the washing machine. At least once a week, you should wipe and clean the inside drum of the washer with a damp cloth. Keep the door open after finishing washing and drying clothes to let the moisture and dampness evaporate.

3. Air Conditioner

The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filter. A clean filter prevents the evaporator coil from soiling quickly. You should minimize dirt and debris near the condenser unit. If there is a leak in your AC then contact an AC refrigerant leak repair service as soon as possible because not only will it prevent your AC unit from working properly, but also it can have some serious health effects.

4. Microwave

One of the easiest ways to extend the longevity of your microwave is by cleaning it regularly. Materials that do not microwave safe can cause fires or explosions, so for the sake of safety and the longevity of your microwave, you should only use microwave-safe dishware. Do not run a microwave without anything inside as it can cause serious damage. Replacing parts such as light bulbs, door latches, turntables, turntable motors, and charcoal filters is safe and affordable.

5. Dishwasher

You should run your dishwasher regularly as it ensures that your dishwasher is free from excess buildup. Make sure you don’t overload your dishwasher because if it’s stuffed with dishes all over the place, water may not be able to get to other dishes that need to be cleaned.

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