Key Tips for Curtain Cleaning

Mostly, curtains are made of some kind of woven material. Also, they stay for large periods of time hanging in pleats in different rooms of the house or office....
Curtain Cleaning

Mostly, curtains are made of some kind of woven material. Also, they stay for large periods of time hanging in pleats in different rooms of the house or office. Because of this, dust, hair, and sometimes even Mould starts to get deposited on these curtains. This happens gradually over time, and even if your curtains do not look dirty, these deposits make for an unhealthy atmosphere, stirring up dust in the rooms, every time the curtains move. It can lead to different allergic reactions and respiratory issues. That is why it becomes extremely important to keep your curtains clean, even more than the clothes you wear. Let’s find out more about curtain cleaning aspects.

Factors for Curtain Cleaning

Methods of cleaning curtains vary according to certain factors as follows:

  • The cleaning method depends on the material you have used for your curtains
  • The method also depends on whether the curtains are lined or unlined
  • Some curtains have cleaning instructions on their labels, which you should follow to clean them.

If the curtains you have do not come with any curtain cleaning instructions, then you can try the tips and tricks we will share here.

Cleaning Unlined Curtains

Unlined curtains do not require much maintenance. You can wash them in a washing machine using a delicate cycle or even just hand wash them with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Cleaning Lined Curtains

Lined curtains are a little more difficult to clean, irrespective of the curtain fabric used. This is because, typically, the curtain fabric and the fabric used for lining are different. The best method is to dry clean these types of curtains to prevent shrinkage. Choose a dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning curtains.

Cleaning Thermal Backed Curtains

You can hand-wash thermal backed curtains in cold water. Just ensure that the thermal coating does not stick to itself.

Cleaning Cotton, Acrylic, and Polyester Curtains

First, take out all the hardware and then shake the curtains thoroughly outside. Wash them in the washing machine using a cold delicate cycle but do not overload the machine. You should not fill the machine more than halfway.

You can use a dryer for cotton and polyester curtains using a low heat setting. However, make sure you remove and hang the curtains as soon as they are finished to prevent wrinkles.

In case you do not have a dryer or your curtains are made up of acrylic material, just let them dry in natural air and iron them using low to medium heat before rehanging. Do not use an overheated iron because it will melt the acrylic. Use a damp iron for polyester material.

Key Curtain Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips that may be useful to keep your curtains looking clean and fresh.

Normal Cleaning:

Always begin with the gentlest cleaning option when you start curtain cleaning. Lay out the curtain flat, then use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner and lint roller to get rid of debris, dust, and hair.

Machine Washing:

As mentioned earlier, cotton, polyester, or nylon can typically be washed in a washing machine without any problems. Use the cold and delicate cycle and you should be fine.

Care for White Curtains: For yellowed and faded white curtains, here is how you can redeem them:

  • Soak the curtains in hot water first.
  • Mix two cups of lemon juice into the water.
  • Keep for one hour and then rinse the extra water out and hang them outside to dry
  • Iron on low heat and rehang the curtains.

Adding Lining: Dust shows up more on dark curtains, while white or light-coloured curtains get dirtier sooner. You may think about adding a liner to the curtains for protecting them against bleaching by the sun.

Curtain cleaning can be done at home, but it is best done by a professional cleaning service that is hassle-free. They usually have great techniques to make your curtains look brand new again! Find one near you by searching online or by asking for references from your acquaintances.

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