New House Plans? Why a Swimming Pool Should Be on the Top of Your List!

Considering a Swimming Pool While planning to buy your new home, it’s a good idea to plan on considering the purchase of a swimming pool as well. You may...
Swimming Pool

Considering a Swimming Pool

While planning to buy your new home, it’s a good idea to plan on considering the purchase of a swimming pool as well. You may want to think of budgeting for this at the same time, as putting in a pool initially may save on costs and effort. Especially if you are buying a plot of land, you can plan, in a very systematic fashion, the installation and placement of your new swimming pool. Even if you are opting for a home that is ready, installing a pool before you actually move in, is a more convenient option. Living in the house and getting the job done is inconvenient and problematic.

A lot of work goes into this and if you organize yourself from the start, you will reap the benefits later. Installing a new Fibreglass pool is a complex task, with a heating system to think about. Primarily, you will have to see that a sufficient drainage system is in order as well. This involves electrical work, civil work, and engineering professional skills, not to mention plumbing work. You may need to obtain permission from local authorities as well, as the ground in the backyard of your new home will have to be excavated. Additionally, drainage connections may have to be modified, among other things.

House Plans

Blueprints are technical drawings and plans that determine construction dimensions and define specifications regarding actual measurements of spaces in your new home. These technical drawings include dimensions, the layout of areas, materials to be used, methods of installation, and techniques incorporated. A swimming pool is typically a very large installation, besides being a huge investment. It is sensible to think of it along with the ready plans of your new home.

Details of Planning

You may be wondering why you should be planning everything in one go. Well, you don’t do this every day, and constructing a house or a pool for that matter, is no easy task. For one thing, the construction of amenities is disruptive, noisy, and quite messy, to say the least. There are workers and materials at all corners at some point or the other. This doesn’t help if you have kids. Even if you don’t, reducing the disruption to your living space should be a decision taken by you presently, if you’re inclined to install a Fibreglass pool in the future anyway. Incorporating it into the design of your home is wise while you’re planning the garden, any landscaping, or any other outdoor work, rather than having to re-modify spaces later on.

Freedom of Choice

Homeowners realize that all properties have only so much space that they can work with. Nevertheless, when you start afresh, you don’t have to be bogged down by a finite amount of space. Although your new property may be of a certain area, you can prioritize the layout as you are beginning with a blank slate. You can opt to give more area to the swimming pool and its environs than you could have if you had been constrained with an already-built home. As a result, you have a wider choice of size of your pool, type, shape, and add-ons, such as surrounding seating areas or landscaping. This way, you can build the pool you’ve always dreamt about without any headache! This is rarely possible when you have an existing building in place. Possible maybe, but difficult.

Money Saved

New home costs a substantial amount of money. If you install a Fibreglass pool while your new home is under construction, you will save quite a bit of cash than you would in the future. For instance, your backyard landscaping and design will have to be done just one time. Once your home is built, access to the property may be hard. Starting with a blank canvas allows your pool to be positioned without the use of equipment like cranes and machines to resort to, to gain access. You will likely have several professionals, such as masons, electricians, and plumbers, already working on your site. They can significantly plan and help you execute electrical and plumbing work appropriately.

New homeowners buy material in bulk, so they get discounts on the overall price. This way, money is saved significantly. Early on, if a new pool is included in the cost of building a home, and construction takes place simultaneously, homeowners can spend a lot less. There are huge savings on tiles, bricks, cement, and other essential materials. Furthermore, the material can be bought to match the decor of the house and be amalgamated into the overall theme of the design. By waiting a few years, matching material may not be available as new trends hit the market all the time. As a result, certain elements of design could appear unpaired.


Thinking of interior design ideas and considering how you want your space to reflect those is something to consider. When you are positioning the pool with a blank area in mind, you may want your swimming pool and garden area to be a prime point of interest. Placing a pool in your outdoor space while building your house permits you tremendous flexibility in designing access points like doors, windows, and other features like patios or outdoor barbecue areas.

You can also think of views that you may prefer from a certain part of your interiors. For instance, you may want your living room to look out onto the Fibreglass pool area. All this will be relevant to architectural aspects while building your house. Also, think about how you will use your pool. If your aim is to hold alfresco parties, then you may want your new pool with easy access to the kitchen.

Fibreglass Pools

Installing a Fibreglass pool in your backyard is a wise decision, especially in the long run. It’s a great go-to for relaxation after a hard day’s work. If you have kids, it’s a good idea to opt for a larger pool as younger kids tend to want to play, more than exercise. The best option in pools today is Fibreglass swimming pools. These pools are available in a myriad of sizes, though shapes remain pretty constant. Their appeal is the fact that they are easy to install, convenient to maintain, and lasts really long, provided you take care of them appropriately. They can last up to a decade long!

Swimming Pools
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