Steps to Creating an Inspiring Gallery Wall for Living Room

You have a large blank wall and posters to know what to do. The problem, you do not know how to arrange all these frames on this empty space....
Gallery Wall

You have a large blank wall and posters to know what to do. The problem, you do not know how to arrange all these frames on this empty space. After giving you the best address to find the poster.

How to have pretty posters on the wall

This is a short inspirational guide to decorate your home sweet home with frames. A poster gallery will help you boost your interior. More than a decorative trend, the accumulation of frames gives you the opportunity to dress a blank wall or sublimate low furniture.

It may be a selection of interior decor and some tutorials that will inspire you. The images are displayed everywhere, play on the accumulation, dissymmetry, mix of style. Whether you decide to decorate your living room put forward a buffet or a sofa or installs a photo gallery in your entry. Here are some combination techniques to try urgently. Pretty ideas of arrangement stitched on the right and left on the net. To finally customize you’re interior in an original way.

Techniques to create your own gallery of posters and photos

Prepare the photos, art prints, and posters that you like. Try the ones that work best together. You can bet on sobriety with just black & white, or play with colors. But also mix drawings, paintings, photos, and collages.

Get some picture frames of different thicknesses or colors. You can also hang your posters with masking tape. Or suspend your photos with wooden hangers. There is also the technique of laying simple shelves, for those who do not want to make too many holes in their walls. Arrange all your images in your frames and test a composition previously seen on the ground.

Take a picture of the composition made on the ground then cut out templates in kraft paper in the format of your frames. Tape them with masking tape to your wall. Use the photo taken in the previous step to reproduce the composition; once satisfied with the arrangement of the templates on the wall, use it as a guide to place your fixings. All you have to do is hang up your frames and put up your posters.

Otherwise, if you want to do some different decoration then here are some brilliant ideas for you:

1. Original wallpaper

Let the wallpaper be a self-contained element of the interior, not requiring additional decor. Choose wallpaper with an interesting print in the form of paintings, posters, with the effect of book pages. In order not to get tired of bright drawings, glue them only one wall, and leave the rest white.

2. Decorative plates

Create a composition on the walls of the plates, brought from the holidays as souvenirs or left from the old service. Plates choose in one color or in one style, but in different sizes.

3. Watch collection

As you know, “happy hours are not watched”, but they are used as decor. Place on the wall a collection of cuckoo clocks or with a large dial. With such an adornment of being late, you definitely are not afraid! Stick to one style: old copies will look out of place next to the works of modern designers.

4. Contour Maps

Inveterate travelers are advised to decorate the wall with maps and pages from atlases; they will bring to the interior a spirit of adventurism and romance. Hang a physical map of the world, only a specific country or just a city plan. Cards can be artificially aged and placed in an elegant baguette.

5. The exhibition of mirrors

Mirrors visually increase the space of the room, use this practical property, and hang on the wall several copies. Figured mirrors do not need to be framed, if you use simple rectangles and squares, then it’s better to decorate them in a thick wooden baguette. Also now the frames are gaining popularity, which is similar to the sun with rays.

6. Wallpapers from wallpapers

Remains of bright wallpaper will become a stylish decoration of the room, paste them on the wall and close the joints with plaster or wooden molding.

7. Empty Frames

Think outside the box – in the frame, you cannot insert a photo, but just leave it blank. Paint them all in one color or group by shape – this composition will look better on a solid wall.

8. Sticker on the wall

To decorate the wall, use special stickers – they can easily be removed from the wallpaper and painted surface. Choose original interesting images that will complement the interior of the apartment: decorate the walls with ornaments, flowers, animals, or trees.

9. Picture Gallery

Arrange on the wall an exhibition of works of your favorite artists and illustrators. Do not hang the paintings in one row – it looks boring. It is better to center one or two large frames around the center and around them create a composition of smaller works.

10. Ethnic motives

A bright memorable detail will be the Cameroonian hat; it is made by hand from feathers attached to the base of raffia. Even the simplest and most modest room will be transformed with such spectacular decor.

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