The benefits of choosing a local Glazier and how supporting a local business helps your community

The notion of supporting local businesses has always been paramount here in Australia. Buying and hiring locally not only supports business owners but it supports the community too. Here,...
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The notion of supporting local businesses has always been paramount here in Australia. Buying and hiring locally not only supports business owners but it supports the community too. Here, we’ll explain all the benefits of choosing a local glazier and how it helps your community.

You are more likely to get the job done when hiring a local glazier

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the prospect of a lockdown at any given moment, you are more likely to get your job completed by a local glazier than someone residing further away. As we’ve seen before, harsh lockdowns typically include a set kilometre radius that residents and workers aren’t allowed to cross. Choosing a local glazier can help to keep the businesses in your area afloat as many lose work from over the border and different council areas, plus you are more likely to get your job completed when you book it in rather than having to reschedule for when the restrictions lift. Having to do this may see you potentially miss out on the time you wanted due to a backlog of bookings that couldn’t be fulfilled. Not only that, but local glaziers are also familiar with the area and can get to their jobs quickly without getting lost, after all, that is the last thing you want if you are dealing with an emergency glass situation.

Creates more jobs

The more money people spend in their local community, the bigger the businesses will become. This can create more jobs in the local area and in turn, boosts the local economy. The more local jobs there is, the better it is for the area. By supporting your local glazier, you ensure that they stay in business, and this is beneficial for you, they can offer competitive prices rather than you having to outsource a glazier from out of town which can cost you more money.

Many local companies support local community organisations

It is not uncommon to see a local company sponsoring a local sporting club or community organisation. Often clubs rely on this annual support, without it, they simply wouldn’t be able to run. Being a part of a community that offers various opportunities to people from all walks of life is fundamental to the growth and overall enjoyment people get out of living there. When you support local tradies, they then have the means to support others in the community so its win, win.

More personalised service

By booking a local glazier, you can build rapport with people you may probably not have normally. You are speaking to real people of the community, and they get to know you rather than just being a number. Having connections with people in the community is key to feeling a sense of belonging. The service that smaller locally owned and operated businesses offer is simply unmatched by big corporations. Local companies depend on your business to survive, and they are more likely to do a quality job because their livelihood depends on it, whereas big companies have tonnes of staff who generally aren’t as invested in the success of the business. Local glaziers, especially here in South East Queensland have endless competition, and they know they have to offer competitive prices, complete work to a high standard, and provide exceptional customer service to stand out and increase the chances of you recommending them to others. Having a glazier that you know and trust will do a great job is worth their weight in gold.

Hiring local means more money, doesn’t it?

Most of us love a bargain, and rightfully so, we work hard for our money, and we want to spend it wisely. It can be hard to forgo a cheaper deal for something local, however, it’s important to remember the ongoing effects spending locally has on your community. It means better amenities and resources for your family. The money you are spending on a local glazier then goes back into the community through purchasing local supplies, local livelihoods, and local events which can bring even more revenue in.

Better for the environment

In general, smaller companies don’t have the carbon footprint that big ones do, and this is better for the environment. Travel time is generally less and supply chains are shorter which makes them more dependable in times of uncertainty such as mandatory COVID-19 lockdowns.

Glass makes up a large portion of our homes, and while we have been lucky so far here in Queensland to have been considered essential workers, that does not mean we won’t be shut down in the coming months like some other states have. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it is unpredictable and our lives can be turned upside down in a matter of hours. Hiring a local glazier has so many benefits and even more so in the current climate. Here at True Blue Glass, we appreciate the local people of South East Queensland for their continued support throughout these tough times. We endeavour to keep you and your family safe while completing work at your home by following the current Queensland Government guidelines and health advice. If you have any questions or would like to book one of our local glaziers, get in touch with our friendly team, we would love to hear from you.

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