Tips On Ways To Clean A Large Area Rug Efficiently

There are many reasons why homeowners should invest in a large area rug. In addition to serving a valuable purpose like trapping dust and dirt, rugs add to the...

There are many reasons why homeowners should invest in a large area rug.

In addition to serving a valuable purpose like trapping dust and dirt, rugs add to the ambience and atmosphere of the room.

So it makes more than a little sense to keep the area rug in the best possible condition.

If you do this, then a rug can serve its purpose and look good for a very long time.

However, this also means paying attention to the large area rug cleaning strategies that are being used.

Given that rugs are available in different colours and textures, specific cleaning approaches should be researched.

This basic two-part guide will provide a solid start, with compliments from The Rug Lady, and it will cover:

  • An efficient approach to rug cleaning in general
  • Tips for wool, cotton, and jute area rug cleaning

Part One:

• Establish The Material Of The Area Rug

Before any type of cleaning starts, the material/texture of the rug needs to be established.

For example, jute area rugs tend to attract more moisture than cotton or wool.

That means a special dry-cleaning approach might be necessary to get the rug clean properly and without damage.

•Assess The Stains

Not all stains can be removed using the same methods. For instance, there is a big difference between a red wine stain and dirt stains.

Plus, the latter will probably be easier to clean.

•Get Space To Work With

It is not recommended to clean a large area rug inside the home.

Instead, create a clean space outside where the rug can be washed and rinsed without causing a mess.

•Leave No Excess Water Behind

Area rugs are not meant to withstand being soaked in excess water for long periods.

Not only can it ruin the texture, but it can cause other issues such as bad odours.

Hence the reason for always getting rid of excess water and aiding the drying process.

The quicker the rug dries, the quicker it can get back to its rightful place.

Part Two:

•Cleaning Tips For Wool Area Rugs

Even though wool combines so many elements of what people love in an area rug, it also requires a little more maintenance.

It is a warm, inviting, durable, and very effective at trapping dust.

So for the cleaning process, suggestions include using a two-speed vacuum as well as the upholstery attachment, microfibre cloths, cold water, and washing powder that is made for sensitive materials.

It is also recommended to vacuum often, which helps to prevent dust and dirt from building up.

•Cleaning Tips For Cotton

Cotton can be just as good as wool for capturing dust particles and locking them down. However, they are also less challenging to clean and lighter in terms of weight.

This makes it easier to clean the rugs in a different area of the house, seeing as they are not as cumbersome to carry around.

However, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning will make it easier to keep the rug in a clean and appealing condition.

•Cleaning Tips For Jute

As mentioned earlier, jute rugs have a way of attracting moisture.

If serious stains need to be removed, it is best to drop it off at a professional cleaning company.

Alternatively, professionals can be called out for those that do not want to make the trip.


Some Final Thoughts

Large area rugs do not have to be problematic when it comes to the cleaning process.

If they are vacuumed regularly and get a detailed wash once a year, there is no reason why large area rugs cannot last an incredibly long time.

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