Top 10 Questions to Ask Your House Removal Company

Moving to a new house can be stressful as it involves doing a lot of things in a short time. Anyone who has moved a house at least once...
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Moving to a new house can be stressful as it involves doing a lot of things in a short time. Anyone who has moved a house at least once is well aware of the stress of the moving process. The most important task in the process is to find a good house removal company.

As there are hundreds of house removal companies in almost all areas, it is difficult to figure out the best one. However, there is one method to find out the best company for your moving your house to a new location. It is always better to ask some important questions before choosing the right company for your moving your house.

Here are the top 10 questions that you should ask your house removal company before finalizing it for moving your house.

1. Is the company licensed?

To avoid the frauds and scams, you should ask the removal company whether it is properly licensed or not. A professional moving company has a license number issued by the transportation department of that state. You should ask for the license number of the company and check its history on the official website. Also, check the customer reviews for the appreciations and complaints. Cairns Coast Removal company is registered house moving specialist in Cairns Australia.

2. Liability coverage

Liability coverage

You should ask the company which kind of liability coverage it provides. It is important to choose a moving company that offers multiple liability coverages. This will help you to claim your belongings in case of any mishaps during the relocation. You should also ask for the proof of the moving company’s insurance.

3. Ask for customer referrals

A professional house removal company will have thousands of referrals from happy customers. Ask for the contact details of some customers and call them to ask about the services of the company. All the highly reputed professional companies provide the customer referrals. Ask the existing customers about the quality of services the company offers.

4. Do they have any accreditations?

Ask the house company if it has any industry accreditations. The companies with accreditations from the industry are usually good at providing quality services. However, you should rely merely on the industry accreditations. In case of any doubts search the name of the company on the official websites of the industry bodies that provide accreditation.

5. Packing services

Packing services

You should ask the removal company whether they provide the packing services. Getting the packing or unpacking services from a separate company can be expensive. You always have the option to pack your belongings yourself, but the items packed by you will not be covered by insurance. It is better to make a deal with a removal company that also provides packing services. Ask them what they will charge you for these services.

6. What is included in their services?

Ask the moving company about the details of services they offer to their customers. Do they provide the material for packing? Will they label the cartons and place them in the rooms of your new home. Do they offer the unpacking services? Ask them about the details of charges for individual services. This will help you to decide the services you should avail within your budget.

7. Protection of fragile items

Protection of fragile items

Even if you pack your belongings on your own, the fragile items like glass, ceramics, and furniture need protection. The fragile items are prone to damage during the move. You should ask the house removal company about the measures they take for the protection of fragile items.

8. Calculation of charges

Every company has a different criterion for calculation of charges. Some charge an hourly fee while some charge by distance. Others may charge according to the volume of property they need to move. Ask the company how they calculate the cost of services so that you can understand precisely what you need to pay.

9. How is the company better than others?

Company better than others

You should not hesitate to ask the company how it is better than others. Ask them about the additional benefits that they offer to compete with other companies. Some companies offer discounts on their services while some offer additional services free of cost.

10. Do they offer a binding quote?

Never allow the company to leave you with unwelcoming surprises. Many companies offer the non-binding estimates and include hidden charges and taxes in the final bill. It is better to ask for a not to exceed estimate to know the full and final amount that you need to pay. This will help you to plan your moving budget.

Final Words

Considering the above-given questions while choosing a house removal company will help you to make the right decision. In addition to these, you should also clear your own doubts regarding the moving process and charges. This will help you to select the right moving company that can fulfill your requirements and suits your moving budget as well.


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