10 Strategic Home Decorating Tips at Low-cost

Renewing your home decor does not categorically equate to an expensive and dense project of details: it can be simpler than you might think and, with a bit of...
Home Decorating Tips

Renewing your home decor does not categorically equate to an expensive and dense project of details: it can be simpler than you might think and, with a bit of creativity, you can achieve more than satisfactory results even with a rather limited budget.

The colors have a significant effect on the mood and the first impression of the guests and a balanced color scheme considerably enhances a room, helping to create that welcoming family atmosphere. With a color circle, a couple of cans of paint, and a little inventiveness, you can organize an idea and conclude a very respectable job.

1. Choose a color and stick to it

There are three types of color schemes: tonal (which adopts essentially different shades of the same color), harmonious (similar colors are used and usually create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere), and complementary (totally opposite and contrasting colors to give a strong impact effect). Once you have decided on the preferred color scheme for your home decor, you just have to think about the furniture, how to match it and, if you were in the artistic mood,

2. Optimize the spaces avoiding superfluous objects

A strategically placed vase, chest of drawers, or coat hanger can eliminate confusion and disorder, giving the impression that everything is placed in its place. The tableware for furniture can be purchased anywhere (shops, hardware, etc.) at very low prices.

3. Customize by adding books

A well-stocked library is for many people synonymous with family intimacy and stands out as an excellent point of interest in every room of the house. Even if you were not a bookworm, you can find second-hand books in numerous bookshops. Why not those opt for a series of books of international recipes for the kitchen, perhaps a shade conforms to the color of the walls?

4. Adorning with candles

Candles are an ideal tool to create an atmosphere when the sun goes down and find all kinds, shapes, and colors to satisfy every taste. Expert recommends placing one in the center of the kitchen table to get that magical light at sunset. Inside the home, it is even better to place them inside glass containers, to avoid wax stains and limit the risk of fire. Outdoors, on the other hand, what is more, romantic than inserting it into a bottle (empty of course?) And letting the wax run down its neck? The romantic effect is guaranteed. Do not forget to install the smoke detectors in your apartment and check regularly that the batteries are always charged.

5. To all recycling

Do you have at home some chairs with literally worn pillows? You can reflect them with old curtains, tablecloths, or other fabrics you want to get rid of. You will only need a stapler and a washing machine dye in case you want to transform the color. You can also create your own personalized home decor using colored cards, scissors, and felt-tip pens.

6. Fiat lux

Lighting is an integral part of every decorative project, but it is often overestimated and left out. Angular light installations can be positioned using design hooks and cables or lamps. A lamp may not be enough to illuminate the entire room, while too many create confusion.

7. Decorate the walls with your own artistic masterpieces

You do not need to create something original to hang on your walls. Try to assemble a series of prints inside wooden frames for a modern, aesthetic, and shiny effect. Otherwise, you can choose some photos with a common theme (children, summer, etc.) and insert them in identical frames to create a wall with a collage of style made of similar photographs.

8. Turn a fireplace into a piece of the room

Especially in the big cities, hundreds of apartments have them now disused fireplaces, most placed at the end of a walled chimney in the middle of the room. An idea to make the most of this space, then make it an absolute feature of the room, is to tighten the hole with various elements and materials, such as colored panels. The expert also recommends turning an old piece of wood into a modern shelf in full nature style to lay above the fireplace.

9. Regenerate the old furniture with a splash of paint

When the budget is limited and the ideas are numerous, a convenient and original solution is spray paint. A beautiful and regenerating coat of black and white paint will transform each piece of furniture purchased at the flea market into a single piece of design. Metallic colors can also be used on classic furniture to liven up the home decor effect.

10. Cover the bed with original sheets and pillows

The bed is a key element in every apartment. Above the canonical sheets, an imaginative cloak and cushions can really add that extra touch to the piece of furniture, in addition to the effect of comfort and softness. For pillowcases, we recommend a mixture of silk, wool, cotton, and other fabrics.

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