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It’s easy to get tired of your home decor, but it’s not easy to figure out exactly what you don’t like. To keep your decorating process simple and avoid...

It’s easy to get tired of your home decor, but it’s not easy to figure out exactly what you don’t like. To keep your decorating process simple and avoid a lot of work and expense, try to go back to the basics. Focus on getting things clean, creating visual focus points around what you love, and staying safely between austere and cluttered with your favorite items.

What are the main elements of interior design?

To focus your decorating project so the results perfectly suit you and your family, strive to study each room with an eye toward

  • calm
  • light
  • space
  • comfort

If you love plants but are frustrated by a messy jumble of pots, focus instead on one spectacular plant. If you have space where you can hang a plant, hang a pretty trailing plant that will thrive in the space and direct focus on it, rather than hanging three or four plants that will end up looking wild and overgrown.

Your home decor choices will also be easier if your space has enough natural light. If not, put table lamps to work to create pools or sections of light at different times of the day. For example, if your morning light is good but you need privacy, put up a filtering sheers to diffuse daylight and shield you from prying eyes.

How can I decorate my house?

If your home is small, be sure to keep colors neutral. Avoid anything particularly dark or bright, particularly in a large expanse. For example, a pale grey or white room will feel more open and airy. If you love color, jazz up pillows on your sofa or add a bright throw to a wooden rocker.

Another trick for a small home is to add mirrors. A long mirror on a walled farm from a window will both extend the feeling of the space and bounce around the light currently coming into the room.

How can I make my house look nice inside?

Start from your foyer or entryway. Make your home inviting by adding a console table with a lamp just inside the door. If you prefer that folks remove their shoes when they enter, provide a bench or chest where they can sit and remove their shoes.

From this spot just inside the door take a good look at your house. Is there anything that you can see from the front door that would make a guest curious and want to venture further into space? Consider putting up art with a unique frame or a bright matting to draw the eye. Not only will this visual treat draw in guests, but it will make your space appear bigger as guests cross the space to view the art.

What are the steps to decorate a room?

Start with getting rid of what doesn’t belong. Walk around the room with a clothes basket and gather up what needs to be stored elsewhere. Then work around the room with a dust cloth to tidy the newly flattened surfaces.

Once things are clean, make sure the big pieces work. Do you watch a lot of television in your living room, or would you prefer to have a space for conversation and reading? Oftentimes, our furniture gets set up in such a way that the whole focus of the room is the entertainment center. If you want to change this, arrange to a seat so folks can be face to face rather than face to screen.

Once you have the furniture where you like it, consider the color in the space. If the walls are cream and the furniture is brown, go to the opposite side of the color spectrum and add something blue, such as a plush throw for use on cold winter days. Brown is a lovely base color and blue will add a nice contrast.

Make space for lights and lamps, particularly on tables to create small pools of light. If you want to do more reading in your living room, combine a comfy chair with a side table and a lamp with a glass or sheer shade. Lamps give a much nicer ambiance than a single overhead light and create a much more relaxing space.


Don’t forget about fabric. A simple table cover can turn a budget side table into a lovely accent piece where you can set a lamp and some coasters. If storage in your space is tight, add a basket or a box under the table for remotes, games, or crafts.


Decorating doesn’t have to include huge changes or an enormous investment. A lot of making good home decor choices and changes is about making it easy to keep things tidier and investing in items you truly love to brighten your space.

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