4 Real Estate Farming Ideas To Boost Your Marketing

The real estate market is hot but hard to get into. Thankfully, there are great farming ideas that can boost your marketing. Farming refers to you studying a particular...
Real Estate Farming Ideas

The real estate market is hot but hard to get into. Thankfully, there are great farming ideas that can boost your marketing. Farming refers to you studying a particular area and deciding to send your real estate postcards to that area so that people will want to utilize your services instead of others. You’ll need to choose a place that isn’t already being looked into or saturated by other agents. You can send cards in batches to ensure that people see your skill level. Look at our tips below for additional information on real estate farming ideas.

Just Listed Postcards

Just listed postcards are beneficial as they show people who you are and what types of houses are showcased in your portfolio. Can you handle luxury homes? What about homes for large families? With these cards, you will see the home as the main focal point, with the value at the top and some information at the bottom. Don’t go overboard with the details. Real estate farming is about wanting your customers to be intrigued enough to come to you.

Expired Listing Cards

Expired listing cards are an excellent way to generate new leads when a listing has expired. It doesn’t mean that the home isn’t available. On the contrary, it means that a realtor has been frustrated that they haven’t sold the listing or the lack of interest. Pick up the listing and show people where you can succeed where they didn’t. Another option is to help the other realtor sell the property.

Let them know you understand how frustrating it can be to have issues selling a property and that you’re there to help. In many cases, agents find a good portion of their success from this method alone. In this case, you are the focal point, and you can have your information in a bolder color to gain attention.

Real Estate Farming With Just Sold Cards

Just sold cards are very similar to just listed cards. The difference is the home is not on the market anymore because you’ve already closed the deal. However, this is still a beneficial option because you can show your potential clients that you have the skills to complete a home promptly and that you can handle a high-profile home.

The home will again take the focal point, only this time, you’ll have additional pictures so that the potential clients can see them inside the home. Your headshot and vital information will be present on the sides; however, the top has the amount the house has sold for and the area and room space.

Market Update Postcards

Home values can change throughout the year, and it can be frustrating for people who don’t understand the market. Showing prospective clients what their home is worth can boost your sales. These real estate farming cards will be a great marketing tool to update your buyers and sellers on the shifts in the market and help them understand estimates and neighborhood analysis to assist them in making the proper choices for themselves.

The best part of these cards is it works whether you have listings available or not. The goal here is to provide data to people, not showcase what you have to offer. At least not yet. The proper template will have the neighborhoods, prices, and other valuable information. You can add a headshot and your information, but remember, it is the information itself that needs to capture people’s attention along with how to reach you.

Using Real Estate Farming Cards To Your Benefit

Real estate farming doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be straightforward when you keep these tips in mind. Depending on what you have available and the area, you can use various cards to showcase your skills and knowledge to their most exclusive benefit. Each of these cards has a unique way of bringing in more clients for you. The key is to be consistent in this area and send your cards at least once a week. You also need to ensure that you regularly send the cards. Agents who give up too soon find that someone else has risen instead.

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