10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit Online

After a whole year at school, it’s normal to accumulate a ton of stuff. Perhaps it’s time for you to head home for the semester. Or maybe you want...
Storage Unit Online

After a whole year at school, it’s normal to accumulate a ton of stuff. Perhaps it’s time for you to head home for the semester. Or maybe you want to rent a new apartment. You may need to free up some valuable space in the house, at your office, or even in a warehouse. If that’s the case, you may want to go with a storage unit.

These days, you can find an excellent storage solution in Chesapeake online. You can pick from storage units to rent for a more organized life.

But, with so many options, how do you go about picking a trustworthy storage unit online? Let’s take a look at the 10 most important things to consider –


The first thing to think about is the cost factor. Many factors can influence the cost, such as – type of contract, additional fees, minimum time requirement, etc. It’s common for many facilities to require a minimum period for storage. So think about that.

You could also explore the monthly storage options for a more affordable arrangement. Always look into additional fees to avoid incurring extra expenses in case you miss a payment. Sometimes, failing to stick with the guidelines could cause you to lose the rental space and all the items in it.

Type of Security

Security is another aspect to look into if you plan on storing valuables. Ask the facility about in-person surveillance and/or video monitoring to keep the items safe. Also, if you happen to visit the facility, look into how well-lit the area is. In the case of online shopping, check out the reviews regarding the safety and security of the place by other shoppers.

Make a List of Things to Store

Before you pick a storage unit, it’s good to look into the exact list of items you plan on storing away. You may want to measure them. If you plan on keeping many small items, put them in a box and measure the box. This will help you decide how much square footage of space you would need.


After considering the square footage, next, you should think about the ceiling height of the unit. Create a list of the items you plan on storing away to determine the exact size of the unit that will serve you best. If you plan on storing bulky items, you may want to consider the width and height of the space. The unit size will eventually determine the exact storage cost.

Self-service vs. Full-service

The main difference between full-service and self-service stems from the degree of access to your belongings. In the case of the latter, you get the freedom to check on your belongings any time you want.

The facility will even give you a key and a lock to ensure full access. However, in the case of full-service, the access control lies with the facility. You will need to submit a prior notice before you access the unit. What’s more, some full-service companies will even deliver and pick up the items on your behalf. This may be useful if you don’t own a vehicle to move the items.

Also, if you plan on staying away for months on end and won’t be needing the items any time soon, a full-service facility is a better and more secure option.

Consider Location

The storage unit location can impact the cost and accessibility, which are essential considerations. If you need to access the items frequently, it’s always better to pick a nearby facility.

But, if you want to store the items for several months, location doesn’t matter as much. In that case, pick a facility that costs less. Many units located outside the urban areas are less expensive. So, think about that as well.


Temperature control is an important thing to consider depending on the nature of items. Some items are only good if you store them in a climate-controlled environment. Such units may be more expensive to rent through. But, if you are concerned about the health and condition of your items for several months, then do think about a climate-controlled facility;

Accessibility & Convenience

We already talked about how different facilities come with different degrees of control in terms of access. Before you pack a storage unit, you may want to check the facility’s working hours.

While some are open 24/7, others are open during the day only. In case of a self-service, you can visit the facility any time you want. This may not be possible with a full-service facility requiring prior notice to access the unit.

Quick access may not be a significant factor if you need to put away the stuff for several months. But, if you are ready to move back into your dorm or apartment, think about when you can get your belongings back.

Discounts Offered

One good thing about the internet is that you can consistently score a discount code or a deal. For example, many first-time members may get a discount. Sometimes, long-term renters also get rebates.

Keep your eye out for such offers. Many facilities actively advertise discount deals on the internet. You may also want to call different facilities and ask about any ongoing offers.

But, beware! If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Look into any hidden charges.

Check Online Reviews

Just like you wouldn’t buy an item on Amazon without going through the reviews first, the same way, never rent a storage unit without first going through online reviews left by other renters. At this point, it’s good to ignore extreme reviews. Instead, look for an emerging pattern. If you find the same issue in most reviews, it could be an accurate picture of that facility. It could be something you’re likely to experience with them.

Bottom Line

With a little bit of effort and research, you should be able to find a storage unit that services all your requirements within the set budget.

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