5 Ways to Improve Home Value with Simple DIY

There are some simple ways to increase the value of your home. Advice and information abound, and with the amount of time people are now spending at home, there...
Simple DIY

There are some simple ways to increase the value of your home. Advice and information abound, and with the amount of time people are now spending at home, there is a great opportunity to improve your home equity and, in the process, get to know your home a lot better. This article provides insight into five ways that you can easily improve the way your home looks, is lived in, and its value.


There is a wealth of advice for do-it-yourself home improvements, tricks, and tips that swear to save you money and time, but the honest truth about painting your home is that it will take time and cost money. Done right, though, a good home paint job will last for many years, and the time and money spent will be a substantial investment. The difficult bit is the prep work and finding the right paint. The upside is that it is a simple step-by-step process that any of us can do with the right tools and the ability to follow the instructions on the paint tin.

As noted, preparation is key, and anyone who has watched their expensive paint peel off the wall weeks after painting can attest to the fact that time spent preparing the surfaces will be time very well spent. No matter how good the paint you have bought is, unless you do the prep work, the job is a nonstarter. Removing old paint, sanding, cleaning, and taping your edges is simple yet time-consuming, do one wall at a time and keep an eye on the weather if it is exterior work. Do not just walk in and buy the paint color you like or have spent days choosing, research paint types and costs, choosing a paint that will suit the surface, use, location, and position of the wall. Exterior paint qualities are somewhat different from those required in bathrooms or bedrooms. Color is the last of your concerns, and paint type, calculating the expected spread and the primers required for specific surfaces, should be your main concern when it comes to painting.

The works may require a ladder or scaffolding to reach heights, make this part of your planning and either have a contractor set up some safe scaffolding that can accommodate you and your family/friends/workers, or ensure there is always someone about if you are on top of the ladder.


The roof is one of the first things you see on approach to a home, its design and shape aren’t that important, but the ability to perform its primary function of weatherproofing while looking good is key. No loose slates, cracks, or peeling paint are going to get your place sold and can be simple to repair.

Having a great roof is thus a top seller and a great way to increase home value. Seal it, insulate and paint it, but make sure not to neglect the siding. There are professional siding companies in Michigan that can match the siding to the roof in new and exciting ways. This makes for a noticeable finish, and having a great contrast will elicit the required attention from buyers and neighbors alike. Do your research and use the professionals to add small touches, such as the siding as mentioned, to ensure that the overall finish is seamless and beautiful.

Check plumbing and fittings

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. The first room fittings that prospective buyers look at and that will help their decision-making process concerns the plumbing in your bathroom and kitchen. Beautiful tiles, counters, and cabinets are great, but if the infrastructure and amenities don’t work, then a beautiful bespoke kitchen could be a bit of a white elephant. There should be no leaking taps, exposed piping, or water pressure issues. Most tap leaks are the result of a simply changed worn rubber seal, Google will know-how, and as long as you know where to turn off the mains, you will be able to affect such minor repairs and maintenance. The plumbing is intrinsic to a good kitchen and bathroom, and make the list of things you can do on your DIY journey. Modernize the fittings and ensure that there are no leaks as a start.

Paving, patios, and driveways

Whether it’s walkways in the garden or the path to the front door, there are great paving ideas out there that you can emulate to produce amazing results. As long as you have leveled the substrate and have a spirit level, then some DIY paving is always a great way to increase home value and curb appeal. The number one tip with regard to this type of project or DIY job is to note the drainage requirements and slope them away from the house. Again, it’s the age-old adage: plan, prepare and persevere. The results, as aforementioned, will transform your home.

The patio and porch areas are also wonderful outdoor spaces that you can change with matching pavers.


The garden is an extra room and can be used to increase home value. You don’t necessarily even have to add the floor space with a garden room or building. Simply neatening up the existing garden and creating space with decking or paving for seating and entertaining is a simple way to add value. If the home is in a family-orientated suburb or setting, then the lawn and playing space become a necessity, so know the area and your family’s needs before adding hard surfaces to your green spaces. The takeaway is that the garden is a space to be included in your DIY planning, and if done right, it will definitely add both value and a sense of space to your home.

Home DIY has been trending for a while, and the reasons are clear; it is a way to spend quality time with friends and family as well as being a definite way to improve home value and comfort. The secrets are out, and the advice and information you need are at hand – use it and the time you have to create positive, productive change in and to your home.

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