Highlighting a particular wall so that it stands out from the rest and adds a slash of design in the room is a good idea. When one thinks of...
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Highlighting a particular wall so that it stands out from the rest and adds a slash of design in the room is a good idea. When one thinks of adding something different to their room, going for a feature wall makes a lot of sense because it’s just one wall that needs to be worked upon.

Having a feature wall can come from many different materials. Some people prefer having wallpapers, while some just prefer a different shade of paint, some prefer having different textures applied on the wall such as combing or raffling, while others prefer putting up a collage of pictures and so on. One of the on-the-rise materials to be used on featured walls is tiles. Since floor or wall tiles themselves have been popular choices due to easy cleanliness and maintenance, why not make a feature wall using them?

When we choose a specific wall to be a feature wall and go for tiling as an option, it becomes convenient because of the wide range of tile designs and sizes on offer. They can provide a variety of looks and give a natural look to a room. For example, wooden or stone tiles can change the entire look of a place.

Different Tiles

There are several types of tiles for your accent wall to choose from, from patterned to textured to wooden, to choose from.

Texture Tiles:

Subtle or bold, textures have always been a key feature to establish a particular look. They are more than just wall designs; they’re more playful and keep one engaged. They aren’t just appealing looks wise but are also a treat for one to touch as well!

Contrasting Colours:

While some of us are comfortable playing around with textures, not all comfortable enough to try something drastic. They can always choose contrasting coloured tiles instead. These tiles are of the same size as the tiles on the rest of the wall. The contrasting colours complement the whole outlook and recreate the façade with a simple and minimalistic approach.

Wood Effect Tiles:

Those who want a more natural look indoors but feel that setting up all the walls with wood effect tiles might look messy and create an appearance of smaller space can always choose to install them just as feature walls. Since these tiles come in so many variations, one can choose if they want lighter or darker shades, a modern outlook, or a more aesthetically pleasing or antique outlook.

Mosaic Tiles:

When we talk about the variations for a featured wall, the most common and playful ones that come to mind are mosaic tiles. These small tiles come in so many sizes and patterns that these are perfect to create just any look one might have in mind. One can use coloured block tiles and make a check-board pattern out of it or use a different colour tile from the colour of the rest of the room.

Although mosaic tiles are usually used in the kitchen or bathroom, they can be used in different rooms as well. Since they are usually small in size, they can easily be experimented with!

Different Styles

Apart from these simple categories of tiles, we can also play around with a few different styles of accents, graphics, and mixes.

Graphically Startling:

Simply repeating a geometric pattern can do wonders without doing much. The repeating lines and similar shapes that come in the outlook don’t just create a simple pattern but also an engaging one.

Mix and Match:

This is one of the dangerous spheres to experiment with, but once done correctly can give appealing results. A few splashes of a shade darker or lighter somewhere in the wall of the same shade could do wonders. For those of us who crave the natural look can experiment with many other looks apart from wood-like tiles.

Brick or Stone Look:

Designing a brick look on the accent wall can be aesthetically pleasing and comforting to look at. There are many different brick colours that can be considered to create a wholesome look. The stone look creates a clean and free look over which a lot of shelves and racks can be easily installed without creating a hustle.

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Isha Tandon has worked within the architecture and interior design industry as a flooring consultant expert – specializing in tiles, stones, and terrazzo. She has worked with Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India, as a product development manager in the design team and has recently joined the marketing team as their digital content expert. Her experience comes in handy in understanding the audience as she creates value-driven functional & informational content for the readers. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends, and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.

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