Bathroom Renovation – Luxe Bathroom Design Ideas 2021

When creating your new bathroom, it is important to focus on relaxation and wellness in order to achieve a design that is comforting and soothing to be in. Creating...
Bathroom Renovation

When creating your new bathroom, it is important to focus on relaxation and wellness in order to achieve a design that is comforting and soothing to be in. Creating a luxurious experience in the bathroom using the right combination of tactile materials is the perfect way to achieve this, making for an absolute feast for the senses!

Selecting the perfect materials is the key to creating the ultimate luxe bathroom design scheme, one that will always be unique and on-trend. Combine textured mosaic tiles with rich natural stones and just the right touch of glimmering metallic finishes in your tapware selection for the perfect combination in a luxe-inspired space.

Natural Stone & Natural Look Products

Classic, timeless and elegant, there is simply no denying that natural stone in the bathroom is the ultimate way to create a luxurious experience. From natural marble to granite and travertine or limestone, natural stones can be used in the bathroom as a benchtop, a feature wall cladding, or in your bathroom tiles. As one can expect of a natural product, these materials are porous and as such will require some care and consideration in order to maintain the material’s surface finish. Natural stone products should be sealed at installation and will then require sealing every few years or so (depending on their wear) to ensure the surface does not absorb any liquid or powder spills in the bathroom. Thankfully, this process is made simple with the introduction of specialized cleaning products that contain an element of sealant within them; these sorts of cleaners will decrease the amount of time in between professional sealing and are available from most hardware stores and tile shops.

Caption: Tessellated black and white natural marble tiles create a striking feature for the bathroom; a perfect fit for a luxurious Art Deco-inspired interior design scheme that is sure to WOW!

In designs where a lower maintenance finish is preferred, modern manufacturing techniques have allowed for the creation of stunning natural stone-look products. Engineered stone benchtops for example will offer a similar look and feel to natural products such as marble without the need for sealing. Bathroom tiles too can be created using more cost-effective materials that will not require as much care and attention; porcelain tiles are an exceptionally popular choice for the bathroom with their strong and durable surface finish allowing their use as both a floor or wall tile. Porcelain tiles can be designed to simulate specific natural finishes, from marble, travertine, and even terrazzo tiles to rustic timber textures, allowing for more creative freedom in your material and colour selection for the bathroom.

Gold Bathroom Tapware and Fittings

A hot trend that seems to be here to stay is the use of shimmering gold fittings and tapware in the bathroom. Gold has been a symbol of luxury throughout the ages making it a perfect fit in an opulent bathroom design scheme while also providing the perfect metallic touch that will allow light to bounce and travel throughout the space. Gold bathroom fittings and accessories will pair well with just about any look or style, from ultra-modern design schemes to more traditional or classical themed interiors. Pair your new gold bathroom fittings with warm colours and materials to create a rich, elegant, and welcoming vibe in your next bathroom project. Earthy colours such as warm browns, cloudy whites, or greys all pair well with gold, making for a classic and timeless experience while warm concretes, natural stones, and even timbers will also work well with gold hardware, allowing you to achieve a luscious modern look in your design scheme.

Caption: Gleaming gold bathroom fittings make for the perfect complement to the rich, earthy tones of the red travertine feature wall tiles used in this luxurious design.

Mosaic Tiles as a Bathroom Feature

Another traditional material that has been used through the years in luxurious spaces, mosaic tiles will instantly lift your bathroom design scheme to the next level! Providing a strong textural element in your design, mosaic tiles are available in a large range of different materials to help you create a stylish and unique look in the home. Your options include shimmering glass, mother of pearl, natural stone, and even precious metals and gemstone features. Being a much smaller format than your usual wall or floor tiles, mosaic tiles offer the unique benefit of being able to wrap around curved surfaces, making them an ideal fit for modern architectural home designs. They can also be used to create intricate patterns and custom murals for the ultimate in luxury!

Caption: Mosaic tiles make for the ultimate feature element in the bathroom and can be used to highlight your new bathroom vanity, a luxurious freestanding bathtub, or even as a feature wall in the shower.

Mosaic tiles are an especially popular option when it comes to selecting an attention-grabbing bathroom feature wall but they can also be used to create a stylish and timeless feature floor. Balance your mosaic feature flooring with a range of simple and elegant wall tiles for a well-balanced look that will always be on-trend!

In the past, keeping grout lines in between mosaic tiles clean tidy has often been a concern. Thankfully, with the introduction of more user-friendly tile grouting solutions, scrubbing grout lines have become a thing of the past! Epoxy grout, for example, provides a non-porous grouting solution that will work to assist in the prevention of built-up dirt, soap scum, and grime in the bathroom. Epoxy grout will normally only require a simple wipe down to keep clean, proving a wonderfully low maintenance finish that is the perfect fit for a mosaic-tiled bathroom feature.

Selecting the right materials and finishes for your next bathroom design project is the best way to create a luxe, rich and elegant vibe in the space to create the ultimate bathing and relaxation experience. Curate the perfect palette using a variety of textures and materials, from glistening mosaic tiles and natural stones to luscious metallic hardware for the perfect combination in the bathroom.

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