Best Glazing Windows and the Perfect Solutions That You are Looking For

Replacing the entire window (frame and casement) offers better results, but is obviously a more expensive renovation. In the house, the windows provide the essential light, insulate against noise,...
Best Glazing Windows

Replacing the entire window (frame and casement) offers better results, but is obviously a more expensive renovation.

In the house, the windows provide the essential light, insulate against noise, water, cold. Equipped with rolling or swing shutters they play an essential role in security and participate in interior and exterior decoration.

What Type of Windows to Choose?

There are different window models, all of which have specific characteristics. The type of window opening should not be chosen at random. In certain rooms such as the garage or the cellar, a fixed frame (not opening) or a drop-down opening is sufficient. In living rooms, where layout constraints (furniture, door opening, etc.) are more important, windows with conventional opening, tilt and turn or sliding are perfectly suited.

Tilt-And-Turn Windows

The swinging windows allow airing the room without a full opening. It is coupled with a classic opening system, which offers the possibility of fully opening the leaf inwards or simply in tilting mode. The tilt-and-turn window secures intrusions, ensures the safety of children, and prevents drafts. This system allows you to leave the window open at night or when residents are away. It is particularly recommended for ventilating damp rooms or damp patches, it is the ideal bathroom or kitchen window.

Sliding Windows

The sliding window removes the clearance constraint in the part. It is ideal in a kitchen where the worktop space is freed up, but also in a room where proximity to a piece of furniture or a door limits circulation or openings. It ensures full opening without having to move any object. It is a space-saving solution with interesting opening possibilities which eliminate the boundaries between the house and the garden.

The Drop-Down Windows

The drop-down window opens horizontally. This type of window can remain open in the event of rain and the reduced opening offers optimum safety for children. It is ideal for ventilating cellars, garages, basements, or placed high up in a bathroom.

Fixed Windows

The fixed window does not open. Without any clapper, it aims to let in as much light as possible. It is the ideal solution for dark or narrow rooms. Maintenance can be complicated, so it is advisable to use the type of window on the ground floor to be able to clean it from the outside. A fixed window finds its place in an entrance or a hallway and in panoramic mode fits perfectly into a living room.

Impact Resistance For Your Windows

If you live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions, like hurricanes, then your windows need extra protection. Opt for an impact-resistant product. Impact-resistant options have the ability to withstand the impact of hurricane wind gusts and objects that are flying around in a storm. You can either choose to install impact windows or protect your standard glass windows with hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters go on the exterior of your home and create an impact-resistant layer in between your glass and the outside elements. Either option will protect your home and prevent damage.

What Thermal Insulation for Your Windows?

In aluminum, wood, or PVC, a window must provide comfort and energy savings. With double glazing, it offers high-level performance, but not all windows are created equal. With Three Counties Windows, the options come perfect.


The thermal performance of a window is calculated by a thermal coefficient Uw which measures the energy loss “frame + glazing”. The lower the coefficient, the better the thermal performance is. The AEV coefficients provide information on the performance of the entire window (frame and glazing): air permeability, water tightness, and wind resistance. High numbers guarantee a high-quality window. Double-glazed products that offer low thermal insulation are intended for rooms outside residential use (garage, garden shed).

Installation of Double Glazing

If your window frames are in excellent condition, you may want to consider keeping them. In this case of “simple” installation, that is to say by keeping the existing frame, the double glazing can adapt to all types of structures and all materials (wood, PVC, aluminum). This less expensive solution, on the other hand, has a drawback since you will lose slightly in the glass surface and therefore in brightness. In fact, you are going to add the frame surrounding your double glazing to the current window structure, resulting in a reduction in the glazing area. In any case, the quality of the frame and its installation are very important because they are taken into account in the overall thermal performance of the double glazing.

The Installation of the Double Glazing Must Be Carried Out By a Professional

The finishes are an essential element in the installation of double glazing because the tightness of the whole frame and casement is essential. It is essential to avoid thermal bridges which are areas of heat loss. This is why it is necessary to call in a specialist so as not to risk nullifying the beneficial effects of your new installation. In addition, the installation of double glazing by a qualified installer is an essential condition for obtaining financial aid, such as the reduced tax rate for example. Packs including equipment and installation are generally offered to you and with existing certifications, you are sure to meet the desired efficiency.

Double Glazing Does Not Require Special Maintenance and Lasts a Long Time

Once (well) installed, double glazing is destined to last. The certification guarantees good acoustic and thermal performance for ten years according to the Scientific and Technical Center for Building, 90% of the products available on the French market benefit from this certification. Your double-glazed windows are therefore required to be effective for many years, without requiring special maintenance.

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