Designing the perfect outdoor entertaining area

Summer is going to be here very soon, and it is time to plan holidays and lovely parties with your close friends and family. Temperatures rise, with longer days...
outdoor entertaining area

Summer is going to be here very soon, and it is time to plan holidays and lovely parties with your close friends and family. Temperatures rise, with longer days and pleasantly warm weather, and you will want to relax and bond with your close ones. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, traveling is risky and not recommended. But wait! You can still have a great summertime in your own home by throwing parties in your outdoor/backyard area. Simply create the perfect outdoor entertaining space and you’ll be ready to host small and big parties for your friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Whether you are planning to upgrade the existing features or give a complete makeover to your outdoor space, now is time to execute things.

If you are looking for ideas, here you go.

Determine what you want out of the new outdoor space

Before setting up things, determine what you intend to do with the renovated space. Do you want to host big parties, or are you looking to create a small and comfortable space to relax after a heavy meal? First, identify what you want and then plan the features to be incorporated into your new entertaining area.

Plan the layout wisely

Planning the perfect layout requires some skills and creativity. Once you plan right and get it done to increase the space functionality, holding an event becomes much easier.

If you have a large outdoor space, plan separate areas for different purposes. Have solid seating near the barbecue and set up mood lighting by the pool. You can also set up comfy lounge areas where your guests can relax or simply laze after a swim in your fibreglass pool. There are tons of ways to transform your entertaining outdoor area. You just need to have clarity on what you want.

Establish the mood with appropriate lighting

Lighting should be given equal importance. You need to choose different kinds of lighting for different areas of your outdoor space to set the mood right for different purposes. While dim lights are ideal for spaces meant to relax, bright and attractive lights are perfect for the pool area.

If you have a spacious backyard and plan to create distinctive areas with varied themes, we suggest you go for adjustable LED lighting. Top-quality lighting kits allow you to adjust the lighting levels to help you create the atmosphere you want. For instance, you can have bright white or yellow lighting in the barbecue area while pink or purple perfectly fit with the relaxing spaces. Blue is ideal for pool lighting. These are only suggestions, you are free to create your own kind.

Choose the right seating

All-weather seating made from top-grade materials is suggested for any outdoor space. You can get comfy sofas, loungers, and large wooden chairs with soft cushions to set up the perfect seating. Get all of these if you have a large backyard or choose one or two options if your outdoor space is small and restricted.

While buying sofas and chairs for the pool area, ensure to pay attention to the material. You definitely don’t want your furniture to get soaked wet!

Choosing the right seating allows you to host nice outdoor parties and successful events.

Plan an outdoor kitchen for easy access

You cannot spend all your time fetching food and top-ups for your guests when you host an outdoor party. You want to enjoy yourself and have a great time too! When you are planning to create a new outdoor entertaining space, design a small barbecue /outdoor kitchen where you can stock sufficient food and drinks for your guests. If your budget and space allow, get some outdoor cooking equipment. A small bar and drinks cart are also options you can consider.

Include greenery

Nothing can bring happiness like greenery. Create a beautiful garden with bright flowery plants if your yard is large and receives enough sunlight. On the other hand, choose to go with small potted plants if you have a small space that is mostly under shade. A vertical garden is another option you can try.

You can also choose plants and flowers whose colors sync with your other outdoor themes and decor. Tulips and roses are popular choices for backyard gardens.

A garden beside the pool or the relaxing area can be amazing. It can create a pleasant atmosphere around, and truly work wonders. You can, however, keep it simple and minimalistic if you find it hard to maintain large gardens.

Buy pool accessories

If you’ve got a fibreglass pool and for long haven’t used it because of the cold weather, now is the time to clean it. A fibreglass pool is easy to clean and maintain, so we guess you don’t need to strain yourself. With simple pool cleaning equipment, you can clean the water, add proper chemicals, and make the water safe and hygienic to swim in. Further, you can consider buying pool accessories such as tiles and covers to upgrade your fibreglass pool features.

Your pool area is a fantastic place to spend the summer evenings with your family, and we are sure your kids are going to like the unique staycation.

Create your dream outdoor entertaining area

Design the perfect outdoor entertaining area and experience a distinctive vacation this summer. The above tips and ideas can help you create a stunning backyard space while staying in alignment with your budget and taste. A makeover need not always be expensive. With some planning and creativity, you can inexpensively turn your backyard into a fun space where your family and friends can find true delight.

Your pool area is the focal point of your outdoor space. So, try including some water features into your Newcastle fibreglass pools to make them even attractive. If you want more pool decor ideas, reach out to your local pool builder. Talk to him about your thoughts and ideas and together work to bring alive your imagination.

Happy summertime, happy partying!

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