Easy Tips to Redesigning your Home

With this handy guide, professionals present easy-to-follow tips on Redesigning homes. If you are developing an interior space that you have just acquired or if you want to renovate...
Redesigning your Home

With this handy guide, professionals present easy-to-follow tips on Redesigning homes. If you are developing an interior space that you have just acquired or if you want to renovate an old residence, you are probably wondering what the basic rules to achieve beautiful decoration are.

Many people think that they will never be able to create a really interesting and remarkable look on their own. At the same time, looking at photos and series of makeover houses on TV, you see that the work of designers is not so difficult, if only you know what makes a play really organized, practical and pretty.

How to decorate your house: the role of light

The first principle to know is about light. It is an essential element of the decoration of all styles. Natural light can work wonders for the interior, making it quieter or enhancing the colors in the room. Make sure the sunlight illuminates the rooms during the day and you have enough artificial light for the evenings. To do this, choose a few lamps of the original design to place on small tables, consoles, and sofa end.

How to decorate your home: design furniture as an accent in the room

The second piece of advice for Redesigning a Home is on the choice of furniture. The furniture is part of the decorative elements that bring character to the interior space. Even if you have a limited budget, try to find one or two models of good quality furniture. This applies especially to the rooms where you spend the most time and where you welcome your friends. A designer sofa or armchair, like the one in the picture above, is a good starting point.

How to decorate your home: the choice of fabrics

Then comes the question of how to enrich the home decor with fabrics. You know that carpets, blinds, and curtains have an important function in all interiors. They have the ability to complete the look of the room or to turn into accents according to the way we harmonize the colors. The same rule also applies to cushions and throws, which are absolutely necessary for a cozy and/or contemporary decoration.

How to decorate your house with green plants

Now let’s move on to an accessory that has been rediscovering the beauty and utility for centuries: living plants. Flowers, fresh herbs, and green plants are a great way to bring more energy to your home. No need to be an expert in gardening to achieve this. Ask a florist or one of the many pages on the web for the types of plants that are easy to maintain for a beginner. This should be the unavoidable part of your Redesigning Home.

How to decorate your house with books

Let’s end with a decorative accent that you tend to forget lately because of all the mobile devices you constantly carry on yourselves: books. As the furniture, books, photo albums and magazines are a reflection of the personality of the owners of the house. So use it to give a unique look to your interior!

Renovation of ceilings

One of the aspects that you often neglect due to lack of time and lack of money are the ceilings. In fact, according to the studies of several decoration agencies, this is one of the most neglected elements within a home. Consequently, the first aspect that you have to focus on is the possible removal of asbestos-containing uralite that your roof may have. More than anything because these types of materials, present on more occasions than you can imagine, do not fit what you want today. Therefore, the fact of replacing the roofs with fiber cement (uralite) must be something that you cannot ignore. With this removal of asbestos safely, you have to leave it in the hands of professionals because the circumstance may occur that we do not have the experience or the right tools.

Uniform or eclectic style

This is one of those dilemmas that lead to more than one owner. There are so many possibilities that you have when decorating the rooms of your home and there are so many styles among which you can choose that on many occasions you have a sea of doubts in your head. However, you are going to reduce the possibilities to two.

On the one hand, and in the first place, we are going to make reference to what we have denominated as a uniform style. This is nothing else than trying by all means that each and every one of the rooms in our house is linked by a common thread that avoids the discordance of styles.

To achieve this, the best you can do is to address a manufacturer of salons and dining rooms, which by the way, have furniture for the entire house, so that we can draw on catalogs that have a common denominator. In this way, whether we have chosen modern furniture or if we have chosen others that are not so, we will not only have the design and quality assured but at the same time we will know that uniformity is a reality.

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