Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically

As enjoyable and rewarding a home renovation project can be, most homeowners admit that struggling to keep it on the budget can ruin the beauty of the whole thing....
Renovate your House Beautifully

As enjoyable and rewarding a home renovation project can be, most homeowners admit that struggling to keep it on the budget can ruin the beauty of the whole thing. Home remodeling has a horrendous reputation for turning into an endless money pit and most people say that even though staying under budget is their priority, it’s easier said than done.

Renovation costs can quickly add up and empty your bank account. However, with some diligent preparation and organization, it’s absolutely possible to have a beautifully renovated home without breaking the bank. Here are several tips on how you can achieve that.

Planning and preparation

A lot of people make the classic mistake by setting their budget too low and promising they’ll do more by themselves or shop for materials only on wholesales and discounts. However, rarely anyone sticks to those promises and their budget gets easily blown.

A better option is being honest from the start about how much you’re willing to spend and save, even if it means slightly increasing the initial budget. You need to work out the real figures and plan a bit higher than your middle calculations, rather than stick to the most affordable. Leave some wiggle room in your budget as usually some maintenance or structural issues come up that need to be addressed.

In addition, be very specific when conversing with the contractors as this will get you closer to your final bill. Be so precise in your wishes that the only variable between each company’s quote is fees and labour costs.

Cleaning up

To get to a good start, give your home a thorough cleaning. Remove everything you can and clean all items well. In an empty home, you can get a better visual and decide on a more functional arrangement and storage. Before putting all those items back, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to make a selection and get rid of unnecessary or damaged things.

Cosmetic makeover

On a tight budget, a clever cosmetic makeover can be a great solution. For instance, replacing outdated elements like old carpets, curtains, wallpaper, and furniture can make a huge difference. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, sanding and staining floors and reframing doors and windows can give your home an updated and fresh look.

Updating the kitchen

The kitchen is usually the focal point of every home and giving it a new look can cost you just a fraction of the cost of a complete remodel. If the layout still works for you and storage is sufficient, consider simply repainting the cabinets, replacing the countertops, backsplash, handles, and taps.

Updating and rearranging the lighting can also shed a completely different light in your kitchen. All around the world, including Australia, people are switching to LED lights as an eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative. Putting up new chandeliers, sconces or recessed lighting will require more structural work, so consider hiring a highly-trained Sydney electrician who can suggest the best solutions and deal with any potential issues.


Simple aesthetic changes and decorations throughout the entire house can greatly enhance its look. For example, strategically placed candles can improve the overall ambiance and even complement your existing lighting.

Opt for a bespoke area rug which is inexpensive but adds liveliness and comfort to your interior. Tie it in with matching cushions on your sofa that also complement the colour of your walls and you’ll end up with a luxurious design.

You can also apply the same approach to your garden or backyard. It will require some time and effort on your part to mow the lawn, trim trees and bushes, do some weeding and plant new colourful flowers, but in the end, you’ll notice that your whole house, both inside and outside, looks amazing.

Even though it may take more time and work, all of these ideas will transform your home while still remaining within your renovation budget limits.

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