How do you use a MIG 130 welder?

It is safe to say that welding by no means is an easy task if you do not have the right equipment. Even with the right equipment, you might...
MIG welder

It is safe to say that welding by no means is an easy task if you do not have the right equipment. Even with the right equipment, you might be found wanting if you do not have the expertise. This is why it is essential for you to understand the do and don’t of welding with a MIG 130 welder before starting. There are bare essentials that you would have to look at before you get started with welding. With this information, it is possible for you to become an expert with experience. Trial and error are some of the best methods to learn how to weld with a MIG 130 welder.

There are metals, gases, equipment, and surfaces that you would have to know in detail about before starting. If you are not aware of how things would react when you weld you would be caught all at sea. So, it is important to go through all the necessary information before you are able to begin welding.

Once you get the basics right it is always a matter of time before you are able to master it. After you master your techniques you would be able to do a lot of things with the MIG 130 welder at your disposal. While some people take up courses that cost a fortune there are others who take the easier route. Using their welding machines at their garage with information available on the internet they are able to master welding techniques. You can begin to do it too with the guide that you provide you with.

Safety First

One of the prominent things that you would have to prioritize would be safety. Ensure that you have all the essential safety equipment before you even test your MIG 130 welding machine. The fumes, toxic gases, light, and spark can often cause severe and permanent damage if safety gear is not used. Goggles, helmet, gloves, welding shirts, welding chaps, boots, and safety masks are some basic gear you need to wear.

It is also important that you practice in a well-ventilated room or open space. This would ensure that you do not have physical or neurological side-effects due to welding. A room with enough fresh air to flow is important while welding indoors. By ensuring that you take all precautions you are safeguarding yourself and your family’s interests.

Preparing the metal

Most people do not understand that preparations play a vital role in the process of welding. To have a good welding work done the metal surface would have to be clean by all means. Using sandpaper or a grinder would be a good choice for most metals. You would have to ensure that the metal that is supposed to be welded is clean. You should get rid of rust, paint, grease, oil, and any other substance that may be sticking to the metal.

Also, ensure that the surface that you use to hold the metal has the capacity to hold the load of the electric current. A welding table would be a good idea and it would furthermore be better if it is made of steel.

Basic skills required

It is highly improbable that you would make your first welding project a success. Thus, it is easy for people to get frustrated and angry with themselves. However, one of the basic skills that you need to possess includes patience. The next is your ability to practice your technique over and over again until you master it. If you do not have these skills then welding is not for you by any means.

Process of welding

Let us look at the top tips that you can use while you begin to weld with a MIG 130 welder. This would be useful to you as you proceed to weld with bigger projects.

Speed control:

Controlling your speed would determine how the outcome of your project is. Too fast or too slow would mean that you would not get the desired results.

Taking notes & practice:

It is important that you take notes of what mistakes you did. This process would help you to eliminate or correct the mistakes the second time around. Also, practice more than once to master the techniques. Drawing letters of either “u” or “e” in lower case with the machine can help you a great deal with precision.


Either keep a welding guide handy or print out material from the internet for reference purposes. This would help you in times when you have a doubt or two.


Always ensure that ½ an inch gap is maintained between the puddle and the gun.

Pushing and not pulling:

You should ensure that you push the gun and not pull it. This is very important for people who are beginners with welding equipment.


Lean your body on something to ensure that you have all the stability that you require. Using both your hands to stabilize your body is also a good option.

Gas flow:

It is important that you watch the flow of gas at all times. In case the gas increases or decreases you would have to start adjusting the settings while you pull the trigger.

Never too much work load:

Too much workload for a day is never a good idea. Try a couple of welds and give yourself some time to rest and comprehend. The process of practice also involves using the manual whenever necessary when you realize the work you did for the day.


If you are able to keep these things in mind while welding you can be assured of getting a good job done. There are many videos on the internet that you can use. You would find them both informative as well as guidance when you are starting with welding. Interactive videos can be used to help you step by step to use the MIG 130 welder with relative ease. You can also look at blogs for welders and forums that contain loads of information that you can use towards your learning to weld.

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