What are the different types of welding machines?

There are many tasks that we take up and do at home rather than seeking professional help. This is because we choose to use the many available DIY methods...

There are many tasks that we take up and do at home rather than seeking professional help. This is because we choose to use the many available DIY methods and mend things our own way. This includes repairing home accessories, spare parts of automobiles, and things that we can be fixed with these methods. However, one has to know how to do things in a proper manner to get the desired results. One of the many things that people choose to do is welding. Although it is often considered work for the professionals’ anyone can choose to do it with the right training.

If you are looking to purchase a welding machine you would have to know the bare essentials. It is always a better way to go about it with knowledge than otherwise. Irrelevant of home purposes or professional uses it is important that you acquire the necessary knowledge. We have a look at the most popular types of welding machines available in the market. These are the ones that are commonly used either in garages or at homes.

We list out the most used ones here and there are others that belong may not feature below. These include underwater welding equipment and others that are not used in day to day life. Going through the below details would give you an idea of what you should purchase. Always ensure that you keep your primary motive of the use before you make a purchase. This would ensure that you are not making a wrong investment by any means.

Types of welding machines and their uses

With this article, you would get to understand the types of welding machines and their uses. It would give you a fair idea of what you can choose to purchase and what to keep away from. This knowledge would serve as a guide toward purchasing the right welding machine.

MIG welding

This is one of the most commonly used welding machines used by this generation. A MIG welding machine is also considered the best one if you are a novice with welding. It is easy to learn with a MIG welding machine when compared to the other options. There are two types of MIG welding machines and one uses a flux core the other uses a bare wire. Flux core is ideal to be used outdoors as it does not require a supply of gas or a flow meter. If you intend to join two thin pieces of metal together then using a bare wire option would be ideal.

These types of welding are the ones that are most preferred by both hobby welders and welding enthusiasts. The machine is also affordable which is the reason it has gained prominence among users. You can tell by its price and popularity that this one might be your choice of welding machine to carry home.

TIG welding

The TIG welding machine is considered to be one of the most multipurpose types of welding machines. However, learning to weld with this machine is not as easy as you may think. It requires expert training and experience to master the art of using this welding type. You would require two hands to perform this welding. While one of the hands feeds the rod there is another that holds the TIG torch. Arc and heat are generated with the torch that is essential for welding.

Titanium, aluminum, nickel alloy, steel, copper alloy, and cobalt are the metals that can be welded with this machine. If you are looking to weld conventional metals then this machine would be the best option for you. If you want a machine to be used on multiple and conventional metals this one can be your best choice.

Stick welding

Also known as arc welding this is one of the oldest forms of welding that is still in use. When you compare MIG welding it is fair to say that stick welding is a little harder to master. This form of welding uses a stick electrode rod for welding purposes. However, this is very cheap and can be used for different purposes at home or garages.

Laser and electron beam welding

These two are the techniques that are said to be used for precise welding purposes. It is not very commonly used and requires high energy techniques used in welding to master this. The machines are also comparatively costlier than the traditional welding machines.

Plasma arc welding

Ionizing gases that are inside the arc are the only ones used to create heat. In this process, the electrode is recessed and other things are the same as in MIG welding. This type of welding is used mostly when the thickness of the metal is 0.015 inches. Aerospace applications, air seals, and engine blades are common examples where this form of welding is used. You need to be accurate with your technique in order to be able to perform welding activities on this machine. One could say that this welding machine is intended for specific purposes only and not otherwise.

Gas welding

Gas welding is one that is not too common anymore and thanks to TIG welding machines and techniques. Acetylene and oxygen are the main components used in the kits for gas welding. They are very portable and can be carried around in a pick-up truck with relative ease. So, if you are a welder who is on the go this type of machine can suit you. However, it is not as capable or reliable as TIG welding. People still use them to fix exhausts in an automobile rather than use the TIG option.


Now that you have seen the different types of welding machines that are out there you would know which one suits you. Each of these machines has its own purpose as listed above. You would have to be careful about the one that you choose. Always remember that investing in a welding machine is long term. So, you would not want it to go wasted at all. In case you are only looking at short term use purchasing a welding machine is not advised. You might as well hire one and use it rather than purchasing one.

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