How To Get Wireless Internet in Every Room in Your Home

Every device that we have needs a good internet connection to be able to work properly. If you have been paying attention to the current trends, and the future...
Wireless Internet in Every Room

Every device that we have needs a good internet connection to be able to work properly. If you have been paying attention to the current trends, and the future ones, you will see that we are all headed down the path of technology. It is shown that over 4.7 billion people throughout the world use the internet in one way or another. The majority of this is through the use of mobile devices.

As innovative items come out, we go out and pay for them without thinking about how much all these new devices are dragging down our internet signals. The truth is that most of us don’t even care about the technical side of our devices. All we know is that they work like they are supposed to, or they don’t.

You will find, though, that your wireless network is starting to have issues. The signals that once were fine for every room of the house are no longer keeping up with the demand. To achieve this goal, you will need to complete a few tasks, starting with the easiest first.

Router Placement:

This is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that your home has internet signals in every nook and cranny. It needs to be in a central location, away from thick walls and furniture. It needs to be kept away from the kitchen due to the microwave, and you need to keep in mind that the smarter devices that you have hooked up, the more bandwidth and speed that you will need.

Internet Speed:

Type in “free speed test” into your web browser so you can check how much speed you actually have. Your service provider may be claiming that you have the best service that you can get in your area, but when you run the test, you will see that your average speed will be lower, especially during the times that everyone is home using their internet service. If you do not have enough speed or bandwidth you will want to check out an NBN plans comparison site so you can choose the best service for the best price.

Router Quality:

If your router is over 4 years old you can bet that it is outdated and that you will need to replace it with a newer model that is designed to handle more devices. If you already have a newer model, or you have hooked one up, you will need to make sure that it is completely updated. Make sure that you set a good password on it so no one can draw off your service. With that being said, make sure that you go into the tools and check to see what is hooked up to your Wi-Fi. If there are any on there that you don’t recognize kick them off and change the password.

Wi-Fi Extenders:

These little devices can boost your signal to every room in your house. They do not cost a ton of money, but the bigger house you have the more extenders that you will need to hook up. These devices simply plug into the wall, and they take the signal from the router and bounce it back out in a different direction. It will allow you to get service around walls, into bedrooms, and even up a set of stairs.

Mesh Wi-Fi Systems:

Big homes can benefit from a mesh Wi-Fi system. These are devices that are designed to work together to give you a web of coverage over your entire house, garage, and any other areas that you want to be covered. You connect the main device to the router, and then the others are placed around the house. They all work off the same internet signal and passwords, and they can be adjusted to offer more direct service throughout the entire area.

Powerline Networking:

This way to boost your Wi-Fi is like the ones above, but it does not work off the signals going through the air around us. Instead, it is plugged into the wall, and it sends the internet signal through your electrical system to the next device plugged in at a different location. In this way, the powerline networking system keeps a steady signal to every room needed, but this system is slightly slower than the other options.

The best way to get internet service to every room in your house is to make sure that your equipment is all up to date and capable of handling the amount of use that your home has. Most newer models are designed for more intense use, but you need to check before you buy. It would be a shame to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a new router, just to find out that it is no better than the one you already had.

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