The Best Home Improvement Shows to Inspire Your Own Renovation

Watching home improvement shows can be an addicting pastime, especially if you know that you want to sell your home soon or buy a fixer-upper. You learn a lot...
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Watching home improvement shows can be an addicting pastime, especially if you know that you want to sell your home soon or buy a fixer-upper. You learn a lot about current trends, easy tricks to make something look great, and what is worth the money when it comes to fixes before a sale. Here are three different kinds of home improvement shows to pick from as you get inspired for your home renovation.

Watch Veteran Renovators Transform Fixer-Uppers

One of the biggest genres of shows involves two or more people, often a couple, family members, or friends, who have some design and contracting know-how and take on the challenges of a project together. From Home Town, where a couple works together to transform the older housing stock in their beloved town, to Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, these shows focus on homes that need a lot of TLC right now, but which by the end of the show are absolutely transformed. What an inspiration, especially if you won’t need quite so much transformation for your own home.

Big Decision Shows Up the Drama

People love the alternatives of shows like Trading Spaces, where couples swap houses to do a budget remodel in their friend or neighbor’s home, or Love it or List it, where newly renovated and a totally new home are pitted against each other. These shows draw viewers in by helping us all wonder which decisions they’ll make, how the owners will react, and whether the remodels involved were made with good decisions or not. It can be a great source of inspiration, and in some cases, what not to do to each other in the pursuit of a budget renovation – might be better to have the professionals come instead. In your own context, don’t just go with the show’s style or choices; talk to your trusted real estate agent for insight too.

Unique Properties Also Draw Us In

These days, the single-family home isn’t the only inspiration for a remodel. Cash Pads has its hosts helping people who want to make unique vacation rentals to remodel and decorate in appealing ways. Given how many people are remodeling partially to make a rentable space for short-term rentals, this show has broad appeal. Tiny Home Nation is another fun one, as it explores the challenges of creating a wonderful, versatile space in what is usually 500 square feet or less. For people looking to create space savings in their new remodel, Tiny Home Nation shows like it can be a real source of ideas.

No matter which shows you choose, make sure you watch at least a little bit for the enjoyment of it – since most remodels are meant to improve your enjoyment of your house, the journey to picking your own features should also be a joy! When it comes to remodeling for resale value, keep in mind that the best ROI comes from choosing features that won’t be negative to a buyer but are particularly delightful to you and your family. Some of the utility you get from the remodel is how much you love the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or other remodeled space yourself!

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