The Essential Features of Security Door Locks

Whatever types of security door locks you choose for your home, just make sure you check the features that make up the locks. It often will take only a...
Essential Features of Door Locks

Whatever types of security door locks you choose for your home, just make sure you check the features that make up the locks. It often will take only a single kick to force open a residential door. After spending multiple hours exploring the web in search of an improved lock system to prevent crime from occurring, you can find these.

Whether you choose emtek, combination, keyless, magnetic, electric, or biometric door locks, check the following features of the locks for door security.

It’s one thing to know that a front door isn’t doing its job unless it’s fitted with a secure lock. It’s a whole other to know what makes a secure. With so many locks on the market today, not all of them offer genuine high-security. Yet everyone thinks their locks are secure. How do you know what to look for? Find out in five minutes.

Essential Features of Door Locks

The first thing is the security strike plate, which is usually the part that attaches to the door frame. This can become the weakest point of the lock system if it is not properly attached or if it is not made of strong material.

Choose one that has a high-quality gauge metal plate with three-inch long screws that secure the plate to the wall framing and not just to the jamb.

Choose also saw-resistant bolts, which have internal anti-saw pins. These pins make it difficult for the saw blade to advance.

Many homeowners prefer double cylinder deadbolt locks so they can lock the door from both sides. This double locking prevents burglars from breaking the door glass and then reaching out to open the door from the inside. If you will use double locks, choose the captured key deadbolt model. This type enables you to unlock the door without the key in case of fire.

Check also the lock casing. Choose types that are made of hardened steel and are bevelled. Bevelling makes the casing resistant to pipe wrenches or pliers.

When choosing a rim or drop bolt lock, make sure the lock is attached to the door with through bolts. This can be helpful in crime prevention at your home.

To take a look at the above features, check these door locks:

Preso Matic Keyless Door Locks

These locks, available at, are one-inch throw deadbolt locks, 100-percent mechanical and do not need batteries or electric power. Just push the keypad buttons corresponding to your access code.

Fingerprint Oil Rubbed Bronze Deadbolt Lock

This lock, available at, is a fingerprint sensor lock that allows 30 users. It features a 5-pin tumbler keyway, a one-inch deadbolt and hardened steel casing that resists sawing. The battery lasts two years and the fingerprints are not deleted even if the batteries expire.

Securitron 59 User Digital Keypad

This lock, available at, features 10 buttons that allow you to set almost unlimited combination of digits for 59 unique user codes. You do all the programming on the keypad. It can be connected to a power supply or to a battery system.

Most of these locks are available in porcelain, crystal or other architectural finishes that match your doors and can be used to secure your French doors, screen doors, folding doors or kitchen doors.

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