Wall packs for outdoor security lighting and where to buy

Outdoor lighting in commercial spaces is an important need not just for security but also visibility at night time. Most commercial spaces require lighting round the clock for security...
Outdoor security lighting

Outdoor lighting in commercial spaces is an important need not just for security but also visibility at night time. Most commercial spaces require lighting round the clock for security reasons as well as to keep the space functional. Outdoor lighting is an essential element in running a successful business or improving the curb appeal. It depends on the application but the main difference is just in the amount of lighting fixtures required to set up a layout.

Importance of an outdoor lighting layout

In most cases heavy emphasis is laid on indoor lighting but outdoor lighting goes hand in hand. To run a successful business it is essential to appeal to the customers and lighting infrastructure is the biggest investment which comes into play. The outdoor lighting layout is done around the pavements, entrances, adjunct gardens, parking lots of buildings. This must be set in a way that it not just increases visibility but also the ambiance and security factor. It’s as important as it gets and so it must be planned accordingly to avoid unfavourable outcomes.

To plan a layout, first start with assessing the space which requires lighting. For larger zones it is better to hire a lighting contractor. An outdoor layout requires calculation of two main factors:

  • Area of the zone which requires lighting
  • Height of mounting poles or walls surrounding or encapsulating the area

This helps in determining the following key factors:

  • The total lumen requirement of the area
  • Type of fixture which can fulfill this requirement
  • Lumen output per fixture
  • Strategic placement of the fixture

These primal factors narrow down the selection to the main choice of fixtures like wall packs and security flood lights.

What are Wall packs?

Wall packs are compact light fixtures for outdoor lighting layouts. These light fixtures affix on the surface of the wall and throw light in any desirable direction. The compactness defines their value and how these fixtures can integrate in almost any setup while also enhancing the appeal of the outdoor space. They are available in different sizes and cut off designs for simple variation and easy installation around the blind corners of the building.

Wall packs are excellent security lights as they are supplemental light fixtures around the buildings. They are easy to incorporate in the existing layout to create a balance lighting scheme.

There are different cut-off designs for wall packs which direct the amount and direction of light coming from the fixture. To select the best wall pack fixture for your application check this link. There is a huge variety of wall packs available in the market and the variation is for different reasons, mostly to decrease light pollution at night time.

Semi-cut off wall packs

Semi cutoff wall packs throw light in 3/4th of the space. They are specifically useful in places where light must be directed downwards and within a certain beam angle except upwards to comply with certain lighting codes. The beam angle is adjustable for different applications.

Full- cutoff wall packs

Full cutoff wall packs direct the light in either upwards or downwards direction while part of it is fully covered. This kind of wall pack is common in most applications and directs the light in the desirable direction only. It is the most suitable fixture for security as well as facade lighting.

Forward throw wall packs

Forward throw wall packs are another spec of wall packs which throw the light in the forward direction only and have a large angle of incident as well as beam angle. Most of the forward throw wall pack fixtures are excellent outdoor lights. The wide beam angle floods the area with bright light while narrow beam angle focuses on a narrow spot. They are usable in almost every application for visibility as well as security.

Why are LED wall pack lights favourable than traditional wall packs?

The use of LED wall packs is largely favourable over the use of traditional lamps for several reasons which are as follows:

  • Higher and uniform light output

LEDs produce more lumens than traditional options like halogen or incandescent lamps. The layout is uniform as LED chips produce light in a fixed pattern. The light is glare free despite being bright and does not disrupt the usual flow of surrounding elements.

  • Ambient and customisable

The light produced from LED fixtures is quite ambient and is safe to customise for producing any desirable outlook for outdoor spaces. Due to this reason they are also good for accent and facade lighting along with other outdoor light fixtures like floodlights and decorative outdoor lights. They have switchable CCT ( correlatedcolour temperature) on a kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K which can produce warm glowy to bright white light. It is easy to select for any kind of outdoor application be it office, restaurants or homes.

The Colour rendering index of LEDs is above or around 80 which allows them to produce light on RGB spectrum as well. It enhances the appearance of objects under the light by focusing on the texture. The desirable CRI for security wall packs is 90.

  • Eco-friendly

LED technology is very environment friendly as it works on green lighting technology and does not produce or interact with UV/infrared rays. It is cool and easy on the eyes which is also healthy for humans.

  • Low maintenance

LEDs mainly are quite low maintenance with a lifespan of around 50000+ hours. They seldom require any maintenance unless the fixture faces some detrimental condition. The cost of frequent replacement is lowered and essentially is beneficial for commercial spaces. These light fixtures also support photo sensors which save a lot of energy as they recharge during the day and turn on at night only as soon as they detect darkness.

These lights are excellent for security in or around buildings and are easy to install on building fronts, boundary walls and even over the roof. They are dimmable and also consume very less power in comparison to traditional options.

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