What Is Pallet Racking and How Does It Work?

Pallet Racking is the storage system for warehouses that stocks materials on pallets. The Pallet Racking system is affordable and flexible for warehouse storage requirements. By this, you get...
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Pallet Racking is the storage system for warehouses that stocks materials on pallets. The Pallet Racking system is affordable and flexible for warehouse storage requirements. By this, you get easy access to pallets through forklifts, VNA equipment, and trucks. There are many types of pallet racking arrangements. All kinds of pallet racking give the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows. Pallet racking is not only storage management and about order fulfillment, but it also improves the efficiency and capacity of the storage facility. Here are some types of Pallet Racking.

Selective Racking

Selective Racking is one of the various standards, accessible, and useful pallet racking systems. The most significant advantage of this racking system is that it allows direct access to any pallet. Selective Racking offers the space of a maximum of two racks and one deep pallet. Frames are placed one after the other. This means the material which is placed first will be removed first. This racking is easily installed on all the different types of racking.

Cantilever Racking

This type of racking is often used for storing long, awkward, and bulky products, such as steel rods, plastic piping, and timber. This racking consists of long arms and is specially designed for the storage of long and bulky materials. Cantilever Racking has no front column. This increases the storage space and allows easy access to all the items and products stored.

Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking is also known as gravity flow racking. It is a dynamic storage system. When you are maintaining a FIFO retrieval order, you can achieve high-density space in Pallet Flow Racking. In simple words, Pallet Flow Racking increases the actual storage facility by minimizing aisles.

Drive-in Pallet Racking

With the Drive-in Pallet Racking, you can easily place pallets, and they can slide back on a rail. Drive-in Racking is designed for creating more space in the warehouse. It allows forklifts to make their way through the aisles to continue storing and adding additional pallets.

75 mm Pallet Racking

The 75mm dimension may get increased to 100mm for Beam Hight’s over 6000mm to allow higher tolerance for the forklift operator when it is placed at the ground level and the pallet is up at the top.

Structure of Pallet Racking

There are different components of Pallet Racking. Frames, Raised Bar, Wall Tie, Drum Support, Shelf Support, Deck Support, Pallet Support, Shelf, Zinc Shelf, Row, Safety Pin, Row Spacer, Anchor Bolts, Upright Protector, Shim Plate, Barrier, Bracing, Top Tie, Mesh Guard, Id Card, Safety Notice.

The Beam of Pallet Racking

The Beam of Pallet Racking consists of 2 pieces of roll-formed C profile, which are soldered together. It is called C C Beam. You can increase the loading capacity with lower cost by C C Beam because C C Beam has a double thickness at the top and the bottom. If you want to prevent Beam from falling, weld the two ends of the beam connectors, while the safety pin is locked into the beam.

The upright Frame

75mm Pallet Racking: The upright Frame has 2 single uprights with diagonal bracing, horizontal bracing, nuts and, bolts. The pitch is mostly 75 mm, therefore, the beam height can be adjusted to 75mm. The frame of pallet racking is made by forming and rolling machine. The roll created a multi-point design to increase the loading capacity.


Pallet Racking is a great storage facility for warehouses. But it also has pros and cons. Before selecting check all the factors. If you have an enormous warehouse, then Pallet Racking is best for your inventory storage.

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