When to replace windows

Here are several factors that will make it easy to determine if now the right time is for you. Do they work properly? The first step in determining if replacement...
Replace windows

Here are several factors that will make it easy to determine if now the right time is for you. Do they work properly?

The first step in determining if replacement windows are in order is to check to see if everything works properly. If they have locks, are you able to easily lock and unlock them? Are they easy to open and close, or do they stick? Can everyone in the family open them? When closed, are they closed tightly?

Not only are these important questions to ask for energy conservation, but also in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or hurricane. These questions could save lives. If locks aren’t working properly, it puts you and your family at a greater risk for break-ins and it is another safety concern.


Replacement of the old windows in your home can be done using new vinyl windows, especially if the old ones were made of wood because such windows get warped and rotten pretty soon. Along with its usage in the various home appliances, vinyl has also found its way among the materials used to make windows, so as to give better protection against the weather. Moreover, they are cheap, easy to clean, and do not need painting.

The installation of these windows can be done easily if certain instructions are followed carefully.

Taking Measurements

The whole window should be carefully measured because the frame that you have may have irregularities in their shape, owing to warping, especially in old houses. The correct measurement is needed here, as these windows are made as per the measurements given. You can make sure that you have the right measurements, by checking with the window maker.

Installation of the Windows

Before the installation of the new windows, the old windows need to be removed. For this, you need to know how those old windows had been fixed.

• The first step in the process is to take out the old sashes which are holding up the old window. This includes any stops or wooden pieces that keep the window in the right place. Some amount of effort is required when you try to take out the ones that have been screwed into the walls of the house. Best care should be taken so as to keep the sashes safe so that you can use those for the new window! But if they are damaged, do not worry, because you can get replacements for them as well!

• The next step is to cut any sash rope that is holding the old window. You can pull out the lower sash, or if the window is a double-hung type, the middle stops can be removed, and then the upper part can be taken out slowly. After taking out the old window, place the new one in that gap. It is advisable to take the help of a second person on this. Place the window, check the sides, and make sure it fits. If not, you can make slight adjustments so that it would fit! For example, you can keep thin wood strips in between the window and the frame, to help it stay tight.

• After the window has been placed at the right spot, within the frame, you can put the screws into the holes that have been prepared for the window screws. These screws can then be tightened, and the stops can also be put back. You can either screw them back or else nail them into the wall on both sides of the window. Before finishing with the process, make sure that everything has been done correctly and the window has been fixed well.

• The final step is to use the caulking gun to caulk the sides of the window so that drafts can be kept out.

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