10 tips for those who decide to renovate the house

Restructuring a house is sometimes a daunting task, the amount of work is enormous and the decisions to be taken for a renovated home are a lot. How to...
Renovate the house

Restructuring a house is sometimes a daunting task, the amount of work is enormous and the decisions to be taken for a renovated home are a lot. How to survive all this? With a well-organized plan, an accurate point by point study of what is the state of affairs and what you would like to get from the intervention. Password: be prepared! Here are ten useful tips for you, ten aspects not to be overlooked for a perfect renovation work!

1. Give value to what is already there

The fascination of historical recovery is undeniable, so a careful analysis of what the renovated home can offer is welcome. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to see certain old tiles or damaged parquet as an added value, while that is precisely the starting point for the renovation of your home to combine the needs of modern life with love for life.

2. Evaluate the costs and benefits of each intervention

A large floor-to-ceiling window or a fireplace in the middle of the room can be very scenic but just as expensive, especially if we find ourselves renovating an old house with load-bearing walls on which it is difficult to intervene and architectural constraints to keep in mind. Make a list of what is at the top of your desires and what is easily circumvented, then start comparing different quotes. At this point, it will be easier to decide what to aim for in the restructuring.

3. Break down the old divisions

The slightly dated apartments are often characterized by the many internal divisions, with the consequence that the rooms are too big and too small. This internal structure can be changed simply by knocking down the non-load-bearing internal walls, in order to give more space to the rooms and give them a more modern character. Do not worry if the discontinuity in the floors will be highlighted, it will be perfect to highlight the transition from one functional area to another.

4. Glass for interior doors, lots of new light in the home

To give the house greater brightness because it does not take into consideration the replacement of the old interior doors with new sliding glass doors? In this way, the rooms will seem more spacious and the largest house, in addition to the fact that the open space of the renovated home will more pleasant and welcoming!

5. Beware of the light points

It is important to evaluate the suitability of old electrical systems and to study where it is necessary to create new light points based on the different distribution of the environments. Before proceeding with the renovation, a specific lighting project must be carried out, essential to avoid incurring unpleasant incidents.

6. What materials for the new house?

Having a list of the materials you want in your new home is certainly a good idea. It will help you to understand which combinations are suited to the style you have chosen and what is out of place. In this way, it will be easier to choose coverings and furnishings as the workers proceed with the renovation.

7. Create a color scheme

As with materials, it may be useful to create your own color scheme. Be inspired by the many images on the web, maybe print your favorites and give life to real mood boards room by room. In this way, it will be easier for you to understand which colors are most suitable for your new home, and even the painter will be happy to avoid the usual appointment with indecision!

8. Add a scenographic element

Your home is not so bad and the interior layout is already in itself modern, but it lacks something capable of giving it character and personality. An element of strong impact, able to attract the attention of the host on himself, is definitely what is right for you. A design staircase, an impact door, a large suspension on the table or, why not, an original wall covering, everything is granted: the only thing to keep in mind is that it must be the absolute protagonist of the house!

9. Think of new screens

If you are thinking of also changing the fixtures, you should consider inserting retractable fly screens inside the structure. Because the mosquito nets are really what you need to improve the quality of our life inside the house, allowing you to properly ventilate the rooms and keep distant flies and mosquitoes!

10. Doors and frames in wood

If their conditions allow it, it recovers doors, windows and false windows in wood maintaining the original components. The style that distinguishes the country houses lies precisely in these elements, so it would be a waste to replace them with new fixtures with a modern style. If you wish you can resort to techniques to pick the surface, thus removing the paint that hides the wood below. Or you can replace the window glass with more modern and effective products in terms of thermal insulation. Complete everything by choosing curtains with light fabrics, perfect to fill your home in the countryside with light.

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