6 benefits of installing Garage Door Openers

After a tiring day, you return. It was a long drive and you could not enjoy it because you are completely drained of energy. Imagine that after you reach...
Garage Door Openers

After a tiring day, you return. It was a long drive and you could not enjoy it because you are completely drained of energy. Imagine that after you reach your garage door, you have to get down, walk to the garage, open it manually, walk back to your car, get in, and drive in. once your car is locked and settled for the day you come out and again manually close the door. You might end up falling asleep on the driveway. To avoid this scenario, many garage owners are switching to garage door openers.

What are Garage Door openers?

As the name suggests, garage door openers are motorized systems attached to the garage door making them operated via switches or remotes. Invented in the 1920s by C.G. Johnson, it gained popularity only after World War II was over. Motorization of the door with the help of a garage door opener paved the way for high-quality motorization of doors during winter.

There are 5 types of Garage Door openers

  • Chain drive openers
  • Screw openers
  • Belt openers
  • Trolley and gear direct openers, and
  • Jackshaft openers

The main principle is the same. The electric motor utilizes a counterbalancing spring which enables any of the 5 systems to pull the heavy doors upwards. The remote is of a particular frequency and each remote is uniquely tuned to that particular opener.

6 benefits of installing Garage Door openers

Having garage door openers is not just about making your life easy. The continence of not getting out of your car to lift the garage door is incentive enough still that is not the only benefit of the garage door opener. There are many other benefits of these openers and 6 of the most useful features are highlighted here:


A secure garage is a huge burden off the shoulders. Many homeowners have a door that leads to their home from the garage. If the security of the garage is compromised, family safety is at risk. Most garage door openers come with a technology called rolling codes, which makes it easier for you to maintain the overall security of your car.


A garage is often the most cluttered place in the whole space, especially if you have the habit of tinkering around with auto parts. This makes navigating the garage a task and without proper lighting, it can be akin to a war zone. Nowadays, garage door openers come equipped with lighting which makes visibility better during the night and bad weather.

Low usage of energy

When you think of an electrical device you immediately think of the hike in your electricity bill. That is not the case with automatic door openers. In terms of physical energy too, the garage door openers are ideal for saving precious breath.


Automatic door openers require so little maintenance that it is unbelievable. Monthly checking of the screws, springs, and remote is enough to make to relax and enjoy your drive.


When all these benefits are accumulated, you would think that purchase and installation will be high. Again, garage door openers are inexpensive.


The system is made to be fail-safe so you can rest assured that the garage will not crash upon you or your vehicle.

You can get door openers with advanced or with budget features for heavily-built doors. You can hire professionals accordingly to get your door installed at the proper place in front of your garage.

Being an electrical device, the garage door openers are not fail-safe. Whether the door doesn’t open fully or there remains a gap when you close it, repairing is required. Once you have tried and gotten no results, you can turn to a reputable opener repairs mechanic.

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