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5mm Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Color: Midnight Blue Our best-selling yoga mat, the Jade Harmony Professional, is approximately 5 mm thick and therefore offers good cushioning. At the...
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5mm Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Color: Midnight Blue

Our best-selling yoga mat, the Jade Harmony Professional, is approximately 5 mm thick and therefore offers good cushioning. At the same time, it provides stability for postures and balance exercises. The Harmony mat comes in a large number of different colors, JadeYoga has everything you could want from a yoga mat: great colors, incredible grip, good cushioning and it is environmentally friendly. And JadeYoga plants a tree for every rug sold – Jade will reach 1 million trees planted by the end of the year!

Details of the jade harmony yoga mat:

  • Type: yoga mat
  • Brand: Jade
  • Comparison result: THE BEST
  • Manufacturer: Jade Harmony
  • Material: natural rubber
  • Length: 188cm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Transport: The bag must be ordered separately
  • Temperament: Thin (5mm)
  • Cleaning: delete

Characteristics: The Jade Yoga mat is manufactured in accordance with US occupational and environmental health and safety laws.


  • Free of PVC or other synthetic rubbers
  • produced under fair conditions
  • very non-slip

Are Jade yoga mats good?

Yes, Jade yoga mats are very good. Made of purely natural rubber and produced in fair conditions, this yoga mat is a good action for the environment, society, and well-being.

There are many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that are achieved with your practice. Achieve the best with this Harmony mat which is the most popular as it provides great traction and cushioning. At the same time, it provides stability for standing postures.

Jade Yoga is a family business that together with Trees for the Future, cares about giving back to the earth a little of what it gives us. For the same reason, he will plant a tree for each yoga mat you acquire. In this way, you will achieve a balance between mind, body, and ecological awareness with this mat made of natural rubber, which is a renewable resource.

Details of the Natural Rubber Yoga Mat:

  • You can choose between the colors midnight blue, steel or plum
  • Ideal for yoga and Pilates
  • FDA-certified
  • Does not contain PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, flame retardants or other synthetic rubbers
  • Measurements: 173 long, 60 cm wide and 5 mm thick
  • Approximate weight: 2 kg.
  • Made in the USA

In addition, as the practitioner changes postures, the mat is responsible for minimizing the impact of the body with the floor, preventing pain or even more serious injuries.

How do you clean a Jade Harmony yoga mat?

Your yoga mat has to endure a lot: Let’s assume that you practice yoga on average twice a week. Then after a year you spent about 150 hours on your mat and sunk at least ten times as many sweat beads in it.

It smells in the looking down dog and the hygiene when practicing yoga is questionable. You should take care of it regularly so that it doesn’t get to this point and that you can enjoy your yoga mat for a long time.

Wash yoga mat: how it works

If you are one of the lucky ones who – despite challenging yoga practice – does not run like a marathon runner * in sweat – unlike me – then it is often enough to simply wipe your mat with a damp cloth after practice. You can use cotton or microfiber cloths for this.

However, if, like me, you are one of those people whose sweat runs down your elbows on the first round of Kapalabhati, you can pimp the water a bit. However, make sure which material your mat is made of: Our natural rubber favorites from JadeYoga, for example, require simple maintenance and do not like an immersion bathe in water; that makes the mat slippery.

This is great to support the disinfection process to rid your beloved mat of sweat and bacteria. A few drops of white wine vinegar are sufficient. Actually, the vinegar fragrance warps very quickly. On the other hand, if you’re still sensitive, a little mild soap can help. However, be sure to wipe them carefully afterward.

For PVC mats, you can also make a mixture with some tea tree oil. While the vinegar has a cleaning effect, tea tree oil helps against fungi and bacteria. That’s how it’s done:

  • Put warm water in a bowl and add normal vinegar (4-5 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 liter of water) and a few drops of tea tree oil (5 drops to 1 liter)
  • Place your mat in the shower or tub
  • Take a rag or sponge and rub the side of the mat thoroughly with the mixture
  • Then only briefly shower the side with cold water
  • Wipe the mat as dry as possible with a towel and then hang it up to dry for at least 2 days

The washing machine thing

Most manufacturers, including JadeYoga, will advise against washing the yoga mat in the washing machine because there is no guarantee that they will survive the washings. All washing machines are set to different degrees and they vary from country to country.

If you still risk it, be careful not to throw the mat into the machine too often as this will strain the fibers.

If you are one of the risk-takers who want to dare to wash, then use the short wash cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees or the hand wash cycle on cold. So that your mat doesn’t start to foam under your hands and feet during the next yoga session and smells like a miracle tree, just add a drop of detergent, ideally directly into the machine.

A very mild detergent without fragrance and coloring is ideal. Then lay flat to dry across the drying rack. If the mat is still soaking wet, roll it up, wrap it in a large towel and squeeze it out with a lot of force in the shower or bath.

Then hang up the mat, for example over the door frame. All in all, you should let them dry for at least 48 hours so that there is really no residual moisture in the mat.

Make your own yoga mat spray

If you want to wipe your mat quickly more often, fill a spray bottle so that you always have your cleaner at hand.

  • You need a spray bottle, water, vinegar and possibly some tea tree oil (except for natural rubber mats)
  • Fill the bottle 3/4 full with water and add vinegar (4-5 tablespoons to 1 L) and possibly tea tree oil (5 drops to 1 L)
  • Shake the bottle vigorously. Finished!

If you don’t just want to clean your natural rubber mat with vinegar, we recommend the yoga mat cleaner from JadeYoga. It was specially developed for the gentle cleaning of this natural material, is purely vegetable and smells fresh of thyme, oregano, and eucalyptus.

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