Home Office Design Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Home office set-ups can greatly affect the productivity and motivation of the workers involved – especially if there is a lot of distractions and safety hazards hanging around the...
Home Office Design Mistakes

Home office set-ups can greatly affect the productivity and motivation of the workers involved – especially if there is a lot of distractions and safety hazards hanging around the corner. An effective home office design has various risks to consider in order to produce a workspace that is not only comfortable but promotes efficiency above all.

Some of the mistakes people should avoid at all costs are the lack of natural lighting, insufficiency of storage, having an unorganized background, and the accumulation of cord clutter. These errors can easily be avoided by considering the particulars of your chosen home office design and doing the necessary steps to improve them according to your needs.

No Natural Light

Home office workers mostly neglect the importance of natural lighting, especially when they are contemplating what their home office set-up should look like. Poor lighting can not only affect workplace productivity but is also an accident hazard that should be avoided. Having minimal windows and not having enough lighting can strain your vision and may lead to complications and tiredness.

Making use of a room with windows and using light-colored curtains can help natural light enter and reduce the use of electricity. Installing LED bulbs or buying a table lamp can also solve this lighting problem and can illuminate your workplace for better productivity.

Not Enough File Storage

Aside from the risk of losing important documents in a sea of other papers, the lack of file storage can lead to the accumulation of clutter and lesser morale. Having an organized home office increases efficiency and will help you save time rummaging on different file folders that have been stacked over the course of working from home.

A filing cabinet may help you with these problems; just properly label the folders for better organization. File organizers can also be included in your desk setting; this is where you could keep documents that are used every day as well as accessories to maximize space.

Ugly or Cluttered Background

One obstruction to office efficiency is choosing the wrong room and having a cramped home office style. Having an ugly or cluttered background not only gives off an untidy atmosphere but may also leave a bad impression on your clients when you’re on a video session. The ugly space not only serves as a distraction but also decreases work productivity.

It’s wise to choose a room that is not usually used by other house inhabitants, and one which has a sound-proofing function is a plus. Finding the right decorations and matching them with your home office set-up can reduce the feelings of suffocation, and may even give your workroom an elegant, aesthetic feel.

Crazy Cord Clutter

This problem is often overlooked, but a home office room with high-quality ambiance and decorations will look disassembled if the cords are not organized. Aside from being a trip hazard, it also doubles as a risk of technical complications. Messy cords can also lead to device malfunction, and it will lead to a plethora of problems you may not be ready to face especially amidst a stressful home office environment.

The best way to successfully organize messy wirings is by using cable management boxes. Not only does it reduce fire hazards, but it also saves you the time and frustration of looking for a particular cable in a group of bundled wires. Cable management boxes can be bought on various buy-and-sell platforms, like Amazon. They are made from heavy-duty materials that can be used for a long time, while still having the feature of hiding wires, power extensions, and surge protectors. These cable management boxes are also kid-friendly and prevent your pets from playing with cables that may potentially harm them. These sleek cable management boxes also come in black or white colors, making it easier to conceal them. They also come with free cable strips and clips, to further upgrade your organized home office settings.


Cable management boxes not only make the room more aesthetically pleasing but also ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Loose cables are never going to make the room put together, so it is best to protect them not only from internal forces but also from dust and liquid accidents.

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