Tips to Clean Your Home After Remodeling

You need to clean your house after remodeling, which might be stressful, but it can become easy if you follow some useful tips to clean your home efficiently. The...
Tips to Clean Your Home After Remodeling

You need to clean your house after remodeling, which might be stressful, but it can become easy if you follow some useful tips to clean your home efficiently.

The remodeling of a house creates a lot of mess in the house. There is dust everywhere in the house. No doubt, the remodeling and renovation process is noisy, messy, and exhausting. But when it is completed, you need to clean it either by hiring a professional cleaning company or doing it yourself. You might need a few days to scrub, wipe and mop the house to clean every dust particle from your house.

Here are some of the important tips that will help you to clean your house easily after remodeling:

Vacuum The House

First, you need to vacuum your house after its remodeling. As we know, when we enter a remodeled house, the only thing we notice is the dust. The contractors just sweep the floors after completing the remodeling process and leave the rest cleaning of the house for you.

If the construction team makes sure that your house will not get dirty and cover your furniture with plastic, you should keep in mind that the dust particles will still find a way to get into everything. So, it is necessary for you to vacuum your house. You can start by vacuuming the floors and then move towards furniture, curtains, etc.

Wipe Out the Dust

You should wipe out all the dust from different surfaces of your house because you cannot get rid of all the dust just by vacuuming. For example, your walls never get free of dust just by vacuuming, so you need a piece of cloth and water to wipe the walls down. Make sure you do not ruin the newly coated paint on the walls.

When you are done with cleaning and wiping the walls, you can move towards the cupboards and cabinets. You should clean the kitchen cabinets, shelves, countertops, hard and flat surfaces, etc. Do not clean the floor at this stage because you need to walk around the house a lot.

Sanitize Kitchens and Bathrooms

When you are down wiping out the dust, you should sanitize the kitchens and bathrooms. For this purpose, you can use a cleaner to sanitize and clean the appliances and other things present in the kitchen and bathroom. You should also remove the garbage from there. You can get junk removal Services from Avon CT if you want.

Clean Air Vents

You should clean the air vents after getting house remodeling service. It is good for your health and avoids respiratory issues. It is needed to clean the dust from air vents because it gets stuck there during remodeling and can impact the air you breathe.

No doubt, cleaning the vents should not be limited to be done after remodeling, but it should be done every month. You can clean the air vents by removing them and using hot water for cleaning. You can also change the air filters if needed.

Clean Rest of the House

When you are done cleaning the basic areas and surfaces, you should move towards windows, wardrobe, and light fixtures. You should not use harsh cleaners to clean these areas. It is suggested to use warm and soapy water with a piece of cloth.

You should be careful while cleaning the electronics and make sure they are unplugged when you are cleaning them. No doubt, cleaning the house after remodeling makes you tired, but if you do it step by step and clean the house in order, you will not be that tired.

Mop The Floors

When all the surfaces and items are cleaned, the last step is to clean the floors. Cleaning the floors should be the last step because you do not have to move around to clean other surfaces. Remove the dust from the floors and mop them. Make sure you mop the floors of the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms where there is no carpet. The rooms with carpets should be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning the house thoroughly is a difficult task to perform. But if you organize every task and clean all the areas one by one, it would become easy to clean your house. You will be less stressed out. So, follow the useful tips to clean your house efficiently after remodeling without the need for any cleaning company.

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