How to Decorate a Large Wall?

When it comes to decorating a space, wall art is very essential. It may infuse a sense of flair and individuality. You have a variety of options for bringing...
Decorate a Large Wall

When it comes to decorating a space, wall art is very essential. It may infuse a sense of flair and individuality. You have a variety of options for bringing a big wall into your living room to life and bringing it to life.

The wall decoration is very important in a room. It can add style and personality. You have multiple solutions to animate and give life to a large wall in your living room. Indeed, the choice is vast and it is your tastes and the decorative style that will allow you to opt for one of the proposed solutions: shelves, wallpaper, decorative accessories, frames, paintings, posters, and mirrors.

Frames: A Classic and Timeless Solution

Frames offer many possibilities and come in different shapes. You can stage posters, but also photos. The choice you make will set the tone for your room. Do not hesitate to multiply them to dress your wall or wall section. Choose them in black and white or in color, in different or identical sizes. You can have as much fun as you want so as to give rhythm and character to the room.

As you will see in these two photos, you can have fun and let your creativity run free. You can also change the decoration more often without throwing away the frames that you will replace in other rooms eventually.

Wall Shelves

The slim and long shelves are an interesting alternative as they allow you to change your decorative style as you wish. If you like to constantly vary your decor, this is undoubtedly the dream solution. You will be able to put many decorations there such as candles, frames, small plants, cacti, photos, trinkets, and books. You can also create decorative atmospheres with themes specific to your decorative atmospheres. The advantage is that you can easily change your style and then put your frames or knickknacks back in another room. What if you don’t like it anymore? You will change your appearance quite easily.

Fairy Lights

If you find that your living room wall is too bare, you can add a little extra to it by simply putting on a fairy light. It is an idea full of charm and originality which allows you to transform your space without overdoing it. In addition, you bring an additional and discreet light source and you can choose the shape, and the size to create a slightly singular atmosphere. It is perfect for cocooning and cozy atmospheres.


Hanging many wall clocks to dress up a wall is an enduring trend. You can set the clocks to different time zones. You invite your visitors to travel to the four corners of the world. This idea is gaining ground and if it appeals to you, you will adopt it without hesitation. Multiply the different sizes, staying in the same style.

Weavings and Macrame

These are ideas that are working perfectly at the moment and that fit well with the trend towards natural materials. This is the decor that is essential if you want to add a little fantasy and a poetic note to your interior. You will find various models, of very different sizes, shapes, and even colors to create a universe that will be unlike any other. It’s an easy idea to implement. You can do it yourself or simply find many models in all the decoration stores since this one returns to the front of the scene in favor of the bohemian style. The prices are very reasonable. You decorate without breaking the bank.

The Wallpaper

This is an option that works perfectly. You put it on the entire wall that you want to sublimate or just on a section of the wall. The wallpaper is back in force in our decor, there are quantities of models in different trendy themes, and offers you the opportunity to play with different styles.

You of course choose the latter according to the spirit and character you want to give to your living room: jungle, graphic, contemporary, vintage, flowery, classic, 3D printing. You dress your wall as you wish. Note that it also allows you to define a very specific area, that of the sofa for example.

How to Make Your Large Living Room Wall Original and Trendy?

You will have understood it with our paragraphs on mirrors and the walls of photo frames, the tendency is to accumulate. And as such, there are many other decor ideas for those looking for how to decorate a large living room wall. Multiply clocks, wall stickers, hats, macramé objects, wicker baskets, dream catchers, designer hooks, memos, and wall flower pots.

Some of these decorative accessories are not initially intended to dress the walls? What does it matter? The main thing is to avoid the big white wall to give a soul to your living room. So never hesitate to think outside the box and try out original ideas.

How to Arrange a Personalized Living Room Wall?

Since you spend a lot of time in your living room, it is important that its decoration is in your image. To feel good in this room, have happy memories in mind and share them with your visitors, opt for decorative objects that reflect your personality.

Hang a framed child’s drawing or a jumble frame with your best photos. Also remember to decorate the walls with objects brought back from holidays, for example by placing seashells on a shelf. Another decorative idea: create a personalized canvas painting with a shot that you particularly like. The result will be much more beautiful than with a simple poster or poster.

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