How to Make a Gallery Wall

A genuine movement has been the wall of frames. Whether there are three or ten frames, the frames cover the walls, creating a tiny home art gallery. In recent...
Gallery Wall

A genuine movement has been the wall of frames. Whether there are three or ten frames, the frames cover the walls, creating a tiny home art gallery.

In recent years, the wall of frames has been a real trend whether three or ten, the frames cover the walls like a small home art gallery. But beware the misstep awaits you because the composition may not be harmonious or unbalanced. Here are the keys to creating your wall of frames.

Choose the Visuals for Your Wall of Frames

Knowing how to choose photographs or illustrations to match your home’s color scheme is fundamental. After having experienced it at home, the architect gives her advice for choosing the visuals for your wall of frames:

  • Mixing varied sorts of images, such as paintings, drawings, and pictures, will greatly enhance the arrangement.
  • Choose things that say something about you because they will reflect your essence. Insert something like a plant into a stand, sculpture, hat, clock, or any piece that changes the pace and captures attention.
  • Avoid accumulating all images of a similar size in one area and those of another size in another.
  • Adapt your composition according to the size of your wall.
  • To help you, place the bottom of your frames on the wall with masking tape, such as washi tape.

Install the Frames by Improvising

If you don’t fancy an ensemble that’s too symmetrical, you can improvise. In this case, start by placing the larger frames first, then the smaller ones. Try to align certain groups of tables with each other to keep a certain harmony.

Create a Square Of Frames

This is the easiest technique since it involves arranging the frames in an imaginary square or rectangle. The frames can have different sizes. You just need to line them up concerning each other. On the other hand, you can choose different materials and colors to avoid falling into the monotonous.

Place Frames on a Console

Create a decor with picture frames placed on a console or side table near a wall. You even hang one of the objects to give the whole thing even more height.

Use Shelves for Your Wall of Frames

It is an arrangement that we see more and more: putting a multitude of frames on a shelf. There are also tablets specifically dedicated to this use. So you no longer have to think about the spacing between your frames, just lay them side by side. Here, for a nice rendering, simply play with the sizes and aspects of your paintings.

Play Discrete Symmetry

You might not notice it at first, but the set below is symmetrical. The four frames on the left are arranged in the same way as those on the right, but upside down on the vertical that separates them.

OptFor a Triptych

The triptych is historically a work painted on three tables that can be found in particular in religious art. We find this arrangement today in our modern living rooms. Indeed, “the power of three” is a fairly common rule in decoration, especially when choosing colors. Everything will be perceived as more harmonious than if you associate two objects together.

The Deconstructed Triptych

Always following the rule of three stated above, you can opt for a less strict layout, by varying the sizes and positions of your frames.

Vary the Supports

Nothing prevents you from marrying the frames with other types of suspensions, such as macramé or sculptures to hang on the wall. The ideal in this case is then to fill a given space, avoiding hanging objects that look too similar next to each other. To create harmony, turn to a palette of similar colors.

Hang Frames on an Entire Wall

If your room is large or has a high ceiling, then you can afford to invest an entire wall to hang picture frames. Be careful, in a small room, the result could be too overwhelming. Vary the sizes and materials, the goal being to see as little as possible the color of your wall. Dare to even install frames above the doors.

Give Shape to Your Photo Wall

With or without a frame, you can arrange your photos or your photo montages by trying to obtain a very particular shape: a heart, a triangle, a circle, a checkerboard, a line, etc. Everything depends on the preferred rendering.

Do you want to make a photo wall for the decoration of the nursery? Opt for photos of families arranged in a heart above their bed, for example. No need to frame your photos every time, a frameless photo wall is just as pretty. To cover the main wall of your living room with photos, choose a more flexible composition, in a checkerboard or triangular shape, for example, you will give more pep to your living room.

Create an Original Photo Wall

You can mix your photos with other decorative elements to further personalize your photo decoration wall.

Your theme is travel. Compose your photo wall around a decorative world map, for a 100% modern and aesthetic rendering. Why not make a photo wall using photo frame shelves? Several possibilities are available to you: alternate images directly hung on the wall and photo frames placed on shelves, create several rows of shelves for a wall with easily movable photos, etc. There is also the photo garland option with photo prints. Select your prints and print them in the format you want classic or retro vintage format then hang them on a small cord with clips.

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