6 Finest Kitchen Countertop Trends to Look for in 2020

The time keeps changing styles of everything, and the market has witnessed countless kitchen styles over time. The customer these days has a particular psyche. They don’t invest in...
kitchen countertop trends 2020

The time keeps changing styles of everything, and the market has witnessed countless kitchen styles over time. The customer these days has a particular psyche. They don’t invest in kitchen or bathroom remodeling because they need it. The customer these days follows the trends and styles and having the latest style installed in a kitchen gives them specific satisfaction. This is why the kitchen remodeling has become very popular. Although, the styles tend to vary with the change of location. Every community has a particular lifestyle and thanks to the market that it offers the best kitchen countertop trends in 2020 that you can choose from. Get ready to be inspired by the following list.

Light-up your kitchen with a granite

From several kitchen countertop options, one of the leading styles is the granite countertop. If you happen to be the nature lover, then you are going to love these options. The granite has particular patterns on the surface and they are highly resistant to the scratches. They are easily available in the market but you must be careful because the patterns on the granite surface might not be similar when you buy to replace a part of the countertop.

The conventional tiles

The tiles can be explored with a bathroom remodeling contractor as well. After all, the tiles can be used interchangeably. Their use is far more extended in any home as compared to any other remodeling solution. The availability of colors to match any theme is their quality and if you already have a theme installed in your kitchen, then there are plenty of options to choose a tiling style.

Buy one of the Quartz cool designs

Quartz is a non-porous material that doesn’t go through resealing and it is exactly why it is a true competitor of a regular granite countertop. Since it doesn’t absorb any liquid it can’t be stained. A good kitchen design can’t be suggested by the bathroom remodeling services. With Quartz you just need regular maintenance to keep it in good shape for a long time. It has very appealing and granite similar patterns. It is one of the trendiest materials and would be a perfect choice if you are remodeling your kitchen in 2020.

Concrete countertops are versatile

Remodeling or new installations become quite tricky with an existing theme. The remodeling options can be reduced to half with a pre-decided theme. The biggest reason for that, the theme can’t be changed because a change of theme can also mean that your expense can increase greatly. To sort of such issues the versatile concrete countertops are the best because they can be developed in almost every color. You should be careful because they might not be resistant as compared to other options.

Kitchen Sink style countertops

The countertop receives the modern treatment and the sinks are not left out. Last year, homeowners couldn’t do without built-in sinks, but those days are over. In 2020, kitchen sinks will have different finishes, sizes, and styles, and we’re very excited about that. This year, we see matte black sinks and sink accessories as well as gold and brass colors taking over. These finishes are a departure from the typical silver metal sinks. They are also popular faucet color choices that are part of the bathroom trends of 2020!

Oversized sinks are also gaining popularity this year. That’s a good thing in terms of functionality. Oversized sinks go perfectly with an oversized refrigerator! As the surface area and accessibility of the kitchen continues to expand, it makes sense for appliances to do the same. Elegant, modern-style sinks are also very much in vogue this year and will be very much in demand. For example, farm sinks, also known as apron sinks, are very trendy. Expect to see all of these types of sinks as part of the kitchen countertop trends of 2020.

Marble countertops

It is another very attractive opportunity for the kitchen lovers that they have a marble kitchen option at their disposal. It is a very cool looking material and it is installed in the form of large panels. Although it is a hard material, still falling of excessive weight can cause damage. Still, they are easy to clean up as compared to the granite due to less porosity.

You don’t remodel every day and a proper plan of action with a clear sigh to your budget is needed to reach a good decision. Several people buy the countertops in various colors. Keep in mind that if you want to achieve the best results it is highly recommended to consider your surroundings. By taking into account your existing interior and appliances you can make some of the best choices. So, don’t get confused and fix your eye on your target.

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